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Some people have sex, some don’t. Some choose to wait, some don’t. It’s your body and so entirely your choice, and whatever you choose is fine. The important thing is that you should only have sex if you feel that you’re comfortable and ready to have it.

If you do choose to have sex, that’s fine – just remember that you owe it to both yourself and your partner to be safe.

Condoms are probably the easiest form of contraception to access, and are the only form of contraception (except for abstinence) that can protect you against Sexually Transmitted Infections as well as unwanted pregnancy. Condoms come in different types, sizes and even flavours.

Good quality condoms in general are around 98-99% effective, but again effectiveness relies upon them being applied / used correctly. Using a good water-based lube (lubricant) can also both heighten the sensation and, more importantly, reduce friction and reduce the chances of the condom breaking. NB always use a water-based lube, NOT an oil-based lube. You can pick up free condoms and water-based lube from SU Advice confidentially.

For more information about condoms, including the different kinds available and how to safely & correctly use them, visit SU advice.


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