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Thursday 20-12-2018 - 15:54
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Hi all,

Sooo its finally Christmas, and that means that’s 6 months of my second term done and OMG it feels longer than that. Anyway, I do try and communicate the stuff I do with my time but, if I’m honest, a lot of you will find it boring and stop reading it, so yeah, I try to keep these blogs to a minimum.

Right then, what have I actually been doing for the past 6 months? Here are three areas I have been working on.




One of the things I’ve done is to keep up my attendance to meetings. That may not seem like a big thing but when you sit on (prepare to not care…) the Academic Board, the Planning Committee, the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee… these are just some of the many meetings I go to. For these meetings I have to read the papers beforehand, which if you know me, you know it’s not my favourite thing to be doing! Oh, and making sure that students are also on there and to help them have their say if they have an opinion. So yeah… I didn’t even know there were that many committees when I started!


Another thing is achieving Quality Students’ Union (QSU). For this to be completed, myself and the general manager have had to go through 12 sections, rating us as what they class as Excellent, Very Good and Good and I’m a very, very, very pleased to say that we not only completed the whole thing and sent it off, but we are confident that the worst mark we will achieve is Very Good. Out of the 12 sections we gave ourselves 6 ‘Very Goods’ (2 out of 3’s) and 6 ‘Excellents’ (3 out of 3’s) which for a union of this size is amazing!

Most other Students’ Union have 4 to 5 members of staff and sabbatical officers (Four posts like mine) to do it, whereas we just had the two. An assessor will come in and see for themselves just how amazing we are early next term.

So why is this important to students?

Because if we get a good score in all of the sections, then we are on the right lines to being one of the better Students’ Unions in the country, which makes me very proud and happy to be part our little union 😊. If you want to find out more about QSU then think the link here and you can see the 12 areas which we are tested on.


Finally, I’m going to tell you about something else I do, which is to do with elections and making sure that we have good candidates to run for the President role for next year. This means approaching people I think will be great and talking to them about ideas and that, to do this I have been having a session were I sit in the atrium and try to encourage anyone to ask me about my job and if you can do it too.

Because being president is weird and there is no one perfect way to do it, this answer is always yes!

But I do need to make this clear, that I will not be backing anyone! This is nothing personal, I just feel this is the fairest way, however I will be helping all candidates in the same way, with things such as how to campaign and telling them about the role and the stress that can come with being a sabbatical officer.

At the moment I have spoken to several interested students who have shown interest in running for a role, which is great. If you are thinking of going for the role of President, then give me a shout and we can have catch up about it and maybe you can be the next President at LTSU.

So yeah, this is just a snapshot of what I have done so far this academic year, there is plenty more to talk about, but like I said, I don’t want to bore you all.


Have a lovely Christmas everyone, I hope Santa brings you all the presents you asked for 😊

Charles Isherwood

President at LTSU

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