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How do I write a manifesto?

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Running in the Leadership Elections? Not sure where to start with your manifesto? 

Then look no further! Find everything to support you with your manifesto writing below. 

What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is the place to tell students why you want to represent them (and why you think they should vote for you!) It tells voters what your ideas and plans are if you were to get elected. 

Why should I write one? 

If you're running in the Leadership Elections, then a manifesto will: 

- Help convince students that they should vote for you
- Set out your goals for the year ahead (and gives you a clearer idea of what you want to achieve)
- Help staff support you in your role 
- Relate your campaigning to real student experience 

How do I start writing it? 

- Let students know who you are! 
- Why would you be good for the position? Tell students the key reasons 
- Stick to a few ideas that you would work on if you were elected. 3-5 is a good amount
- Explain how your priorities relate to student experience at LTU 
- Get other people to read it - your friends, course mates, other students. They'll be able to feedback and help you make it better. You can also get in touch with Union staff and officers by emailing who'll be happy to support you

How do I make it a strong manifesto? 

1. Find out what students want 

Students are more likely to vote for you if you're representing the issues that matter to them. Make sure you speak to students and ensure that your manifesto is as representative as possible. 

2. Be realistic 

If your manifesto is too vague, or the ideas unrealistic, then students won't trust you. If they don't trust you or believe in your ideas, then they won't vote for you! 

3. Base your manifesto on evidence 

Students want to know that you understand the issues that they care about. For example: 

Last year's SU Value Survey found that 70% of students didn't know how much everything would cost them during their studies. I will prioritise this by ensuring that any course costs are clear at the beginning of the academic year. 

Find top tips for writing a manifesto and a manifesto template here! 


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