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True or False?

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True or False?

How much do you know about the Leadership Elections? It’s time to separate the fact from the fiction…

The President and Vice President get paid


Yep! Sabbatical Officer roles (President and Vice President) are full-time jobs that get paid an annual salary of £17,500+. There’re other perks too like extra time off over Christmas!

The SU is only run by the staff and the General Manager


SU staff support the day to day running of the Union, but the direction and main activity of the SU is decided by the President and Vice President (who are guided by you!).

Just like other member-led charities, our General Manager makes decisions and manages operations, but really the SU staff are here to support LTU students (our members) to participate in what matters to them!

I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to run in the elections


You don’t need any prior experience to lead for change – just a passion for representing students! SU staff will support you every step of the way, from nominations to campaigning to voting week. If you are elected, then you’ll receive consistent support and training throughout your role.

It’s up to students to decide who has the best ideas and enthusiasm – they won’t be looking at your CV!

Anyone can run for President or Vice President


That’s right! As long as you’re an LTU student, that is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first year, an International student, or a Postgraduate student, all LTU students can put themselves forward.

If you haven’t finished your degree yet, you can take a break from your studies for a year to undertake the role.  

Anyone can run for Student Council roles

TRUE…pretty much

All LTU students are eligible to put themselves forward for Student Council (part-time, voluntary) roles but for some positions you need to self-identify. For example, you can only run to be the Disabled Students’ Officer if you self-define as disabled.  

Nominating myself is really complicated


Nah! Putting yourself forward is easy – just make sure you’re logged into the website. Plus, you don’t need to submit your manifesto (your ideas) yet, so why not take 2 minutes to put yourself forward for a role today!  


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