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Your SU President On: Elections
Hi all, Right it’s getting closer and closer to elections! For us at the SU it’s probably our favourite time of the year as people put themselves forward for an officer role. This is your student council and your sabbatical officers (E.g. Vice- President and President).

Speaking as someone who has been involved in 4 elections, 2 as school rep and 2 as President, (here goes the modesty) and won them all, I have a pretty good understanding of how to campaign.
If you’re thinking of running for a role here are my top 5 recommendations:
  • Be prepared – make sure you have all your ideas sorted, because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, you don’t want to be rushing around.
  • Look after yourself – make sure you take time to eat and drink because this will be one of the most stressful experience you’ll ever have.
  • Treat people how you want to be treated – this is one the biggest recommendations I can give you.
  • Keep it UNPERSONAL – You’re all going to be stressed and feel judged but you’re doing amazing.
  • Get around – Make sure you get your face out there. If people don’t know who to vote for they will go for the person they have seen the most around campus and more importantly it give you a chance to explain why you should be elected.

I have loved my time at LTSU. It has been difficult & frustrating but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have had the chance to help so many people, in numerous ways and no matter what happens after I finish, being Pres, I will always remember my time at LTSU and Trinity as the best years of my life so far. 

Think you have what it takes to be LTSU President?
You can apply for this and many of our other roles NOW at
*Nominations close 22nd Feb at Midday*

Students were asked to define what disability meant to them by your Disabilities Officer Chloe Tear (on the right)
Living with a Disability at University: an Interview with Chloe Tear, Disabilities Officer
What’s it like to live with a Disability?
Living with a Disability is challenging, rewarding. It’s a whole host of things but so is living able bodied. We may have more obstacles but I think that makes us who we are. It means that we do get taken down a slightly different path. It’s not necessarily a wrong path. So living with a disability and being at university can make things slightly harder to achieve but it means when we achieve them we can consider it a really big achievement. I think having the right support in place makes it possible and it’s just about getting involved really.
How supportive are other students?
I think unfortunately, wherever you go you’re going to get both sides, on the whole people are extremely supportive; they want to help you, they want to get you involved just like everybody else and see you not as a disabled student.
What support can you get at University?
So when you apply to University you fill out your UCAS form like everybody else and if you select that you have a disability it pulls down many many, many more pages of information which is helpful but then I consider that to be quite a frustrating part of the process, you know you’ve got to do a lot more work from the beginning, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just means you’ve got more to consider and more to put in place before you get here.

So once you have filled all that out and managed to write everything within an inch of its life there is ‘Disability Students Allowance’ which can provide equipment, it can provide support within university whether that’s people to help you get through the process. Or whether that’s a different chair or laptop to complete their studies. When I had that assessment, it was like 3 hours long, but it didn’t feel like that. The woman was so lovely and for once it was someone on my side trying to get me all the support, rather than me having to fight for it which is usually the case.

So I instantly knew that everything would be in place in time because this woman was going to make sure of it and even within the university we have learning support plans which can be implemented before we get here so it means lecturers are already aware of individual needs.
What would you say to any students that are struggling?
I’d definitely say reach out and use the support that’s there. I’m often guilty of not doing that, but I wish I’d have done it sooner, because the support is there for a reason and even if you don’t think you need it or you don’t think you’re quite “bad” enough to need it, it is there and you do deserve the support that you get regardless of what you are going through.

Learn about our in-house advice service at

If you want to hear more from Chloe you can visit her blog here:

Spotlight on: The Women’s Society
Deciding to start the Women's society has been difficult.
 As we live in a post-feminist society when people hear the term 'feminist' they think of extreme second wave bra burning.

However, with the Women’s Society I want to take that association away. Many young women share the same opinion when it comes to how we are treated, meanwhile they don't particularly do anything about it. Women are labelled the 'emotional' type; then when we express our feelings we're told to stop 'nagging' or we're simply 'gossiping'.

The society is here for women to be able to say or do things without judgement and help create a female-positive environment on campus. The goal is to create a small magazine, in time for National Women's Day. Where we can talk about anything, it can be informative, about campus, music, beauty. It's purely a place for you to have a voice. 
Honor Oldman, Chair of Women’s Society, Level 5, Film

If you’re interested in being a part of the Women’s Society you can find them at @womenssocietyltsu on Instagram
Get campaigning this year!
18th to 24th February - OCD Week of Action
25th February to 3rd March - Eating Disorder Awareness Week
26th March - Epilepsy Awareness Day
1st to 30th April - Stress Awareness Month
1st to 7th April - World Autism Awareness Week
26th April - On Your Feet Britain
6th May to 12th May - Deaf Awareness Week
13th May to 19th May - Mental Health Awareness Week
Peter B Quelch (Level 6,  PE & Sports Coaching) is coordinating a University wide movement to raise awareness of testicular cancer by working with Oddballs.

OddBalls are a charity who are focused on raising awareness of testicular cancer and the issues surrounding it.

Among other objectives, Peter is encouraging students of Leeds Trinity to buy an item of clothing from the new Oddballs clothing line! For more info contact your Vice-President

Jake Bainbridge, LTSU VP
2018: A Year in Film
2018 was a fantastic year for film, with tons of amazing titles that blew me away. Recently, we have been seeing a resurgence of good horror movies. For years we were stuck with sub-par remakes and endless third rate sequels.

However, this year we have seen some phenomenal horror movies such as A Quiet Place which was consistently nerve wracking with its creative and terrifying aliens, and Hereditary which left me in constant suspense and caused me to leave the cinema feeling genuinely stressed. Internationally, Kore-eda’s masterpiece, Shoplifters stole the show with its incredible depiction of love and unity within a family dynamic.

Not all was good however, with a few stinkers popping up such as The Nun, which was a horror film advertised as being “terrifying”, but after watching it in the cinema with a friend; we were both laughing at just how predictable and ridiculous it all was. I also personally found the new Halloween sequel to be extremely disappointing and a title which didn’t hold up to the original.

Two films stole the show for me. One being the incredible Shape of Water and Harvey Dean Stanton’s final film Lucky—which I think was this year’s greatest film. This year was altogether a great one for film and I look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer. 

Tyler Kershaw, Level 5, Film

Student Led Staff Awards!

Has your personal tutor really supported you during your time at Leeds Trinity?

Has a certain lecturer really helped you get enthused about your course?

We think that they should be acknowledged for this!

You can nominate them for a Student-Led Staff Award and be part of the chance to celebrate students and staff who have had a positive impact on you!

Follow the link to have your say:
Time to Talk 2019
Time to Talk 2019 took place at LTSU on Thursday 7th February 2019, ran by SU Advice volunteer Emily Moran and your Disabilities Officer Chloe Tear!

It was a day all about having honest and inclusive conversations about mental health!

Reflecting on the day Chloe Tear said “To witness students giving tips just showed me how supportive we are as a university. Many people wrote supportive advice and followed the notion that no one is alone- it was great to be a part of that”.

Throughout the course of the day your fellow students left messages of support: “You’re not alone”, “It’s okay to ask for help” and “it does not define you” were just a few.

Mental health issues affect one in four of us and Time to Talk day is all about breaking down stigma and creating an environment where many of us who are affected can express ourselves openly and honestly.

Together we can challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.

Just a few of the many messages left by your fellow students in support of Time to Talk 2019 on Thursday 7th February!

For more info on ‘Time to Talk’ 2019, visit and learn what you can do to make a difference!
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