June 2019
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We say Goodbye to Charles and Jake
At the end of June the Students’ Union say goodbye to Charles and Jake. Simply put, we would all like to thank them for their hard work and effort since 2017 and 2018 respectively. Thank you gents.

It can sometimes be hard to get to know your President and Vice President and what they get up to when you are not around. After all you are not following them round with a camera like some of our staff!

We wanted to share some hidden gems from their time being your representative from a different perspective. We have created a ‘How much do you know about your Vice and President’ Quiz. Take the challenge and get to know them outside of their roles.

Simon Law, Deputy General Manager
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Graduation Ball 2019
On the 1st of June 2019 we hosted a celebration of this year’s graduates at Leeds Marriott Hotel. Every year we say goodbye to a cohort of students who will begin their next challenge in life. Now armed with a degree graduates, in the main, start to plant the seed for the majority of their career goals. Your time at Trinity has been one of learning, development and potential. We are grateful to be a part of that journey and excited to see our graduates flourish and achieve.

Saturday took place around a three course meal, prizes and a few fun and games. Not least the fact it was the Champions League final. The night was captured by our professional photographer which can now be found on our Facebook Page @Leedstrinityunion.

Our attention now turn towards our next largest event, Freshers Week. For more information on what we do be sure to like our Facebook page for updates. Stay in the know and don’t miss out.

Graduation Ball Photos
Three things I will miss about Trinity
Charles Isherwood, President 2017-19
1. The staff!

It’s that simple really, at Trinity we have some of the best staff ever. I can’t count the amount of times I personally wanted to quit and they helped me get through my degree. But I also see the amount work staff put in to get people a degree, they go above and beyond and it runs through the university, from people like Nick and the team in the Learning Hub to Debs in the canteen and Mel on main reception. These are just 3 names of people who are amazing and the list would be too long to put into a short blog.

2. Being the person anyone can come to for help.

It’s no secret that I like to talk to people, but that’s because I want to help everyone. I know this is never going to happen but I’m still going to try. I love knowing that whilst I’m at Leeds Trinity University as the LTSU President, no one will ever be alone and not represented and have support if they seek it.

3. Meeting new and amazing people!

During my time at Trinity I have been so lucky to have met some weird and amazing people and I’m honestly going to miss meeting people from all different walks of life. They are what make working in a Students’ Union amazing as also so frustrating sometimes but I can honestly say I will miss it.

Charles Isherwood, President 2017-19
My top three Moments at Trinity
Charles Isherwood, President 2017-19
These are just 3 things I’m going to miss most but I will miss LTU more than words can express. This has been my home for the last 5 years and it’s done amazing things for me. Thank you Leeds Trinity University.

One... My first year

I don’t think a lot of people will see this as a big thing but passing my first year of university is definitely in my top 3! I failed 3 modules in my first semester and was so close to dropping out and going back home and working in bars and entertainment. As someone who is dyslexic and not very academically bright. I also wouldn’t have gone on to complete my degree and become LTSU’s President for 2 years without the amazing help from the staff at Trinity. From the amazing people in the Learning hub to the lecturers in my course. A special mention to Paul Sailsbury, because without his support I would not be here.

Two... Winning the Presidency in 2018, my final year!

The moment I won will stay with me for the rest of my life. Everything about my final year was so scary and hectic and I wasn’t sure if I’d even finish all my work, never mind winning the presidency. The night was absolutely amazing. When I was sat in ‘The Lounge’, with the table of people who were supporting me, I felt for the first time in my life in the UK that I belonged somewhere. I’m not trying to be soppy but it’s how I felt. The people on that table that night will forever be in my memories and I can’t thank them and everyone enough for everything I have experienced.

Three... 2019’s Clubs and Societies awards.

During my entire time at Leeds Trinity University I have never missed a Club and Socs awards night and think that’s the epitome of what it is to be in a society or club. The night is a chance to celebrate all the things you and your friends have done over the year and this year I got the chance to co-present with Jake (VP). I was so nervous because I really wanted to make it the best possible night I could and the moment that stood out for me was getting the whole room to sing “When I was Young” which was possibly the last time I’d lead that song and it was absolutely awesome!

Special mentions to Leeds Trinity Titans [Rugby League] for giving my debut for them in Varsity 2019. Great bunch of lads! LTSU staff for being the best possible staff I could have wished to have worked with. There are so many people that I will remember from my time at Trinity and all I can say is thank you!

Charles Isherwood, President 2017-19
The Student Council. What have they done in 2019?
Finn Northrop, Society and Representative Coordinator
Leeds Trinity Students' Union is focused on improving the lives of students. This means listening to students all year round via our ‘Student Say’ tool. We’re led by our elected President and Vice-President, who, alongside Student Council set the direction of the union, but every single one of our members has the chance to have their say at any time of the year.

Any member can submit an idea on our Student Say hub – and with 25 votes – it will be taken to student council.

So here’s a taste of the kind of changes we’ve won for students specifically because of an idea submitted by one of our members:

1.) Free Periods 

A student put forward an idea focused on the idea that “no-one should incur a financial penalty for having a period - The cost of sanitary products is an unfair burden”. Alongside this they put forward a number of proposals on how we could reduce the burden on students.

As a result we now make NO PROFIT on sanitary products in the SU shop, we have made them as cheap as is possible and have ensured we have a value option available

2.) Microwaves on Campus 

“Price and Dietary requirements” were cited as primary reasons why some students might not want to eat what they could purchase on campus. The proposed solution was to install microwaves that all students could utilise to heat up food they’d brought from home
After extensive meetings with the university over the course of the year, significant progress has been made and we can confirm that the university will be installing microwaves which are explicitly for student use as soon as possible!

3.) Lockers on Campus 

Lockers were seen as a vital resource, especially for those that live off-campus, so one student was surprised that lockers in the library were not 24/7 and weren’t well know about
We raised this with The Library, and they listened! So the Library now have lockers that are accessible 24/7 (located just next to the 24 hour IT room) and we’ll both do more to try and promote them to students

4.) LGBT+ Inclusive Sport 

There has been a huge amount of research into LGBT* students, their experience at university and their involvement in sport. A student put forward an erudite and comprehensively cited idea, bringing together all this data and arguing that we at LTSU should work with our sports teams to ensure they promote an LGBT* friendly atmosphere and re-enforce our commitment as an organisation to LGBT* liberation
Off the back of this our Vice President worked with sports clubs to run the rainbow laces campaign, where we purchased rainbow-coloured laces and our teams laced up to show their commitment to being LGBT* friendly. All our clubs also singed the LTSU pledge board, committing them to clamp down on abuse and intolerance in all its forms

5.) Cut the (placement) costs 

We now that the costs of placement are a huge challenge to all students at Leeds Trinity and weren’t surprised to see it as one of the first ideas that came through this academic year.

We’ve been raising this with the university at multiple levels and have also been working for months on gathering data from students about the costs of placements, having collated over 300 responses, our President is now in the process of analysing that data to produce a series of recommendations for the University on what they need to do to ease the unfair burden on students 

Finn Northrop, Society and Representative Coordinator
My top three moments of 2019 [and why]
Jake Bainbridge, Vice President 2018-19
1. Varsity

Last year Leeds Trinity SU started an unforeseen rivalry with York St John [YSJ] SU [Students’ Union]. This came in the form of Varsity. This was repeated this year with an amazing event with many of our sports teams involved. Unfortunately we came away with a big fat loss.

This year I really wanted to make varsity something that we would be proud to say we not only taken part in but really battled it out for the trophy. With the majority of our sports teams taking part this year was bigger and better than last year with it being our very first away varsity.

The buses were packed and the songs were in full flow which was amazing to see. When we got there, it was a sea of Leeds Trinity students wanting to take over YSJ. The entire day was full of wins and losses and some very close, competitive matches.

It was amazing to hear everyone say how much they loved the experience and can’t wait for next year.
My key highlights include;
Women’s Netball club entered 3 teams for the very first time
Men’s Rugby League getting the victory which included our President and his debut
Men’s football 4th team victory
Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in the end and YSJ retained the title for another year but there is always next year, Good luck to next years Vice President, Chris. May be inspire Leeds Trinity students to the win.

2. Clubs and Societies Awards

So every year since I started at Leeds Trinity there has been one evet that I have looked forward to more than any other and that is Clubs and Societies Awards.

Every year it has been amazing with a buzz amongst the members as to who is going to win what [award]. This year was the exact same. I was honoured to share the decision on who won each of the awards and believe me trying to keep that to myself was torture.

This year was also different because for the first time since I started the event was held at the Marriott. This worked perfectly for all of you who wanted to be as close as possible to the next venue. The evening was perfect with all of the amazing people all suited and booted and dressed to impress.
For my final ever awards evening it was certainly one to remember. Especially for all the people who won the Trinity Award and the highly sought after Team, Club and Society of the year. So thank you everyone who was there and I hope you enjoy next year all the same.

3. Grad ball

Throughout everyone’s academic life time they are only ever lucky enough to get one grad ball as a last hoorah with all the people they have failed, cried and succeeded with through their tough but very exciting time at University.
Fortunately I got to have two grad ball events. This year, however was different because I got to celebrate with everyone already knowing that I had done it before and it was a nice way to celebrate with students who had voted me in during elections. So thank you to everyone that voted for me. I really wish all of you who graduated the best of luck with everything you go on to do in the future and I hope to see some of you to go onto do great things.

Jake Bainbridge, Vice President 2018-19
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