Academic Appeal

What does an Academic Appeal do?

An Academic Appeal allows you to appeal against a grade / final degree classification (in other words ask for your work / classification to be re-considered for a higher grade) if you believe that the grade / classification you have been given is unfair, or against the decision of an Extenuating Circumstances Panel, specifically on one or more of the following grounds:

(i) New evidence of extenuating circumstances which could not have been submitted in an Extenuating Circumstances application before your work was assessed / grade was given;
(ii) Breach of regulation/procedure;
(iii) Discrimination/Bias;
(iv) Administrative error.

NB you can appeal on one (or more) of the grounds listed above only; not for any other reason.

How do I submit an Academic Appeal?

1. The recommended first stage, before submitting a formal appeal, is to seek an 'early resolution'. This typically involves an e-mail to the Academic Administration Office ( - don't forget to quote your name & student number) to briefly outline your concerns and ask them to clarify the situation. This may be sufficient to rectify any straightforward issues such as an administrative error.

2. If the first stage is unsuccessful / not possible within the timescale given, the next stage is to lodge a formal appeal using the Academic Appeal Form, which you can download HERE.

The University has produced a detailed guide to the overall Academic Appeals process which you can download HERE.

Key points to remember

~ Formal Academic Appeals must be submitted within 10 working days of the publication of the result / decision that you are appealing.
~ If you have any questions or need any assistance persuing an Academic Appeal please feel free to contact the LTSU Student Welfare Service or the University's Student Support Central Office.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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