Chelsey Cuts Costs

Aim; I want to address costs that are unfair, not communicated, or should be supported. Join my campaign with #ChelseyCutsCosts

COVID related costs 

It still might be housing, travel, and course costs. On this front, we are still hearing from our members. If you have any feedback please get in touch.

Travel Costs

As campus life returns to normal you will see this area increasingly become one of your biggest outgoings! When the time comes I want to campaign to reduce travel costs to and from campus for members. I may also seek support through creating resources listing the cheapest vs most expensive mode of travel.

Campus Living Costs

Simply put, some of the options for campus living are not worth the costs! If I cant bring the costs down I will campaign for a better quality of living.

Academic Costs

You won't know it yet! but soon you may be hit by hidden course costs such as trips and resources. I want to address this! It shouldn't be a surprise! I will collect data on how many courses run trips/days out or require students to travel for assessment work. COVID might not help me completely address this challenge but come 2021 we will assess the impact and priority of academic costs on students.

E-book provision

Following through with a student voice vote on ‘Student Say’ I want to cut the cost of academic texts by making them accessible for all students through the library search tool. First, though collaboration with LTU Library, I will focus on key/essential books and journals which are presented to students on reading lists

How do you help?

1. Check out Student Say and vote

2. Have you been helped by the outcome of this campaign. Share your story with us.

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Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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