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#CampaignUpdate November 2020

Chris Dow (Vice President) working with other Leeds based Unions have a meeting on the 26th November to discuss Student Housing and the Student Rent Relief Campaign. All the officers agree that starting early in supporting students, especially first years understand Student Housing and what they are getting into. Senior Staff from LTSU and other Leeds based Unions are due to meet to discuss options and support.

#CampaignUpdate October 2020

Throught October Chris Dow (Vice President) has been working with Matt Nunnerley (LTSU Student Adviser) on the Unions approach to Housing for the 2020/2021 academic year and how to support our students.

#CampaignUpdate September 2020

Chris Dow (Vice President) is still working on the Student Rent Relief campaign and is meetings officers throughout Summer from Leeds University Union (LUU) & Leeds Beckett Students' Union (LBSU). The work has been around what is the next step for campaign and supporting students. We have updated the Student Rent Relief Website and the case studies still come in and we look to support all student queries that come through.


Leeds Trinity Students’ Union has come together with Leeds Beckett and Leeds University Students’ Unions to launch Leeds Student Rent Relief, a new campaign calling for landlord flexibility and rent relief measures for the 70,000 students they represent across Leeds.

The campaign has been launched to tackle the financial impact of Covid-19 upon the city’s student population. Thousands of students in Leeds are experiencing severe financial hardship thanks to job losses and instability, compounded by widespread ineligibility for government support, insufficient student loans, and rent commitments for properties largely left empty during the pandemic.

In fact, research has shown that four in five students are concerned about their ability to manage financially during the Covid-19 outbreak. A fifth are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ concerned - with a trend towards international and disabled students struggling in particular. *

*(Survey of 9,872 students by the National Union of Students, April 2020)

The campaign has three main aims:


So far, the campaign has seen a letter sent to the Chief Executive and 15 members of Leeds City Council outlining its three main calls, as well as a letter to Housing Minister Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP, seeking clarity around moving to a new house during lockdown and support available to landlords during this time. Campaigners have also met with Fabian Hamilton MP (Leeds North East) to discuss matters.

While the Leeds Student Rent Relief campaign is busy lobbying those in power, it has also provided resources to help students communicate effectively with their landlords.

Christopher Dow, Vice President leading the campaign for Trinity Students, said:

“We represent over 70,000 students across Leeds who have been financially affected by the pandemic, many of whom have had to return home to families and no longer living in student housing but still having to incur the full rent. We’re trying very hard to reduce the amount of financial stress put on our students in this difficult time by applying pressure on landlords across the city as there are many ways in which landlords can support and help our students.”

How can I get involved?

1: Head to the joint website to share problems, case studies and find out more.

2: Click here for our Letter Template to write to your Landlord.

3: Register your interest in this Campaign HERE.

4. Have you been helped by the outcome of this campaign. Share your story with us.

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