More Washers on Campus

#CampaignUpdate January 2021

The funding and timeframe for the project has been confirmed. Work will begin in Trinity Close over Summer 2021. Every house in Trinity Close next academic year (2021/22) will come with a washer.

#CampaignUpdate November 2020

Spoken with Head of Estates regarding this issue. Funding will be confirmed in January when further updates will be communicated.

#CampaignUpdate October 2020

Student Say idea passed and motion passed at Student Council.


It's simple maths. At full capacity, 700-800 students live on campus in all of the different halls of residence. - There are only 9 washing machines to service this number of students. Students have frequently complained about having to wait and the washers not being maintained to a high standard as they are so frequently used. The washers aren’t large enough to facilitate mixed washes of clothes and bedding causing students to use more than one at a time.


Union Believes students should have access to laundry facilities on campus that reflect the number of students residing here. We need more washers on campus to facilitate different types of washing e.g. bedding, towels, colours, whites/darks. Within reason, students should not be required to wait long periods of time to access a washer.

Union Resolves to mandate the President to speak with estates and facilities regarding Circuit Laundry Contract. To lobby the University to invest in more washers (potential for new location). To meet with circuit and discuss the implementation of new washers and also make sure that there are eco washes available (sustainability)

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