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#CampaignUpdate November 2020

Although these spaces have been impacted by the pandemic and the Govermants Lockdown restrictions we are working with the university to still add heating elements to the spaces and also the possibility in keeping them for the rest of the academic year.

#CampaignUpdate October 2020

New temporary structures have been added and been an excellent addition to our Campus. We have optimised usage through holding events and using the space as training areas for our sports clubs and socities. Chris Dow (Vice Presidet) is in talks with the Univeristies Estates Team in the development of outdoor heating for these spaces.

#CampaignUpdate September 2020

Chris Dow (Vice President) and Simon Law (General Manager) have been working all summer with staff from the Univeristy into providing more safe social space. The initial idea is to develop the outdoor decking near StUdio. After talks with Phil Dixon (Chief Operating Officer) and Malcolm Todd (Deputy Vice Chancellor) we have secured temporary structures to be added outside StUdio on the decking and in the car park outside. They have also proposed utilising the Grass area near StUdio, this is going to be a huge win for students. This is all hopefully going to be ready for Freshers Week.

Chris Combats Social Oppourtunites

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students by providing them with more safe social spaces around campus. With Last years addition of StUdio, the beating heart of the campus, we would like to provide our students with additional spaces.


We believe students at Leeds Trinity deserve more social spaces to interact and relax when on campus whether that is for play or study.

The Solution?

Short Term Solution for 2020 we have collaborated with Leeds Trinity University to bring you 4 new social spaces. These include; 

StUdio (Main)- 18 Seater

Our indoor seated space and where you collect your takeaways from.

Walsingham- 33 Seater

A Marque over next door where we have a series size seater tables and some doubles.

Decking- 18 Seater

Our second Marque situated over the top of the original decking.

Grassy Knowl- 26 Seater

We have added a temporary new garden to the StUdio space this year which will host an outdoor cinema  during freshers week.

Long Term solution:

Sees the development of the Decking and Grassy Knowl. 


How do I get involved?

1: Register your interest in this Campaign HERE.

2. Have you been helped by the outcome of this campaign. Share your story with us.

Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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