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#CampaignUpdate January 2021

An additional £50 million for hardship funds was allocated to UK Universities, totalling £70 million!

Nationally there has been £500 million back for students by securing early tenancy releases and rent refunds in student halls.

#CampaignUpdate November 2020


Image text: WE WON! #StudentsDeserveBetter

Thank you to everybody who got in touch with myself and signed the NUS petition.Students now have a window to return home safely between 3rd and 9th December and will be offered rapid testing to keep themselves and loved ones safe. This couldn't have been achieved without your support and is a huge win for all students around the UK.

What happens next?

Myself and the rest of the Union team will continue to work with the University to support our students in their studies and welfare. Meetings will continue to take place in which I will represent the student voice and strive to secure the best student experience possible.

As always, please stay safe and if there is anything else you would like support with, please email me at

See my Instagram for regular campaign updates @chelsltsupres



What is #StudentsDeserveBetter?

The #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign focuses around the poor treatment of all students from within the UK throughout COVID-19. Students have been let down by the goverment who have provided little provision and support for the academics and welfare of those who would be classed as vulnerable. In a time where so many students have been seperated from their families and support networks we'd expect clear and frequent communication regarding the laws of returning home. Students have also been blasted in media, often being labelled as one of the common causes of COVID spreading. 


What is NUS doing for students?

"We’ve been working around the clock, alongside students’ unions, to fight for justice and defend students’ rights throughout this pandemic. The collective power of NUS and SUs across the country has won our students £500m back by securing early tenancy release, forced the government to provide £66m for hardship support with a #StudentSafetyNet, demanded a 4-Nations U-turn on A-level, GCSE and BTEC grading – winning #JusticeForEducation, and secured rent refunds for students in accommodation lockdown… to name a few." -


What is Leeds Trinity Student Union doing for members?

Leeds Trinity SU is dedicated to supporting every student and as such offers support for a number of key areas such as welfare, finances and housing. President Chelsey has particularly focused on the overall student satisfaction of teaching and learning here at Trinity. She regularly engages in meetings and has worked closely with the SU and university team to develop an updated Course Rep system. The course rep system is the quickest and most reliable way to present feedback around everything learning and teaching based at Trinity and covers a whole range of areas such as learning resources, timetabling and online lectures.

SU Advice is also available for bookings for any student who requires advice or assistance regarding university life. This inclused but is not limited to academic appeals, finances and mental health and wellbeing support. To book a session with our advisor head to



To support all of our students in these difficult times and provide an enjoyable university experience. If there is something you'd like to see the union improve on or if you have event suggestions that would be fit please email


How do I get involved?

1. Email Chelsey with your experience at

2. Sign the petition at

3. Have you been helped by the outcome of this campaign. Share your story with us.

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