Chelsey SU President Stood by two of the heritage halls, with one visible in the distance

Update Heritage Halls

#CampaignUpdate November 2020

Strategic conversations have started with the University and we are discussing new and exciting ways to bring the halls back to life! Ideas included but are not limited to, relocating shared kitchen and toilet facilities, bigger and more open communal spaces for students to relax and refreshing the buildings with new furnishings such as new curtains.

#CampaignUpdate October 2020


The Heritage Halls campaign is now in full swing! President Chelsey's policy was passed through Student Council with enough votes and conversations have been steered towards finances and long term plans for the halls. Covid has had a major impact on plans for renovation which were due to occur this academic year. In light of this Chelsey will continue to work alongside the University to map out future projects and campaign for prioritised renovations.  

The exterior of Ripon Halls accommodation.


#CampaignUpdate September 2020

President Chelsey spoke to student's regarding improvements they would like to see in the Heritage Halls. The information was then shared with relevant university staff and discussed. Initial conversations regarding the updates and renovations were positive and the University accepted that these buildings were in need of some upgrades. The buildings were due to see some work completed during this academic year which unfortunately had been impacted by the onset of Covid-19. Despite this we are looking forward to setting some new plans in 2021 which will look at a long-term transofrmation for the oldest halls on campus!

What are heritage halls?

At Leeds Trinity University students are offered a range of accommodation options which include part-catered and self-catered. Out of the 8 options available, 4 of the buildings fall into the category of Heritage Halls. These are Ripon, St Albans, Norwich, and Whitby which stand as the most dated options for those who choose to live on Campus.

All 4 of these halls are open plan and contain individual bedrooms, communal bathrooms, and kitchens.  Due to the age of the halls, they have become outdated and are in need of refurbishment to provide more accessible and comfortable spaces for those who seek cheaper living arrangements.

The Cost!

Currently, the two self-catered builds cost £98 per week, offering the cheapest contract at £4018 for the academic year. It has been highlighted previously by students that they wish to see work carried out in the showers as a priority as they don't believe that they are fit for purpose and don't reflect the price that is being paid in rent.

There have also been discussions around the small kitchen spaces available within the part-catered halls which cost £123 a week which doesn't at all reflect the standard expected when compared with the most expensive accommodation on campus which falls at £133 a week and features en-suite facilities and a dedicated modern living/kitchen area.

Our aim

The Students' Union aims to work with the University through formal discussions to plan for future builds and refurbishments which would eliminate any outdated areas and facilities in the heritage halls. Our President Chelsey has been engaging with relevant services and staff since October and plans to kickstart her campaign through 'Student Say'.

Once a policy has been drafted and passed as a motion through our Student Council she will then present this to the University and give insight into the student experience from inside these halls. We ultimately aim to campaign for affordable halls that are pleasant to live in and are seen to be value for money.


How do I get involved?

1. If you previously resided in the heritage halls or are currently living in them and would like to provide feedback please email

2. Keep checking back here for Campaign Updates!

3. Have you been helped by the outcome of this campaign. Share your story with us.


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