Manifesto Goals 2020-21


Each year your elected Officers share their goals for the academic year with Student Council, Trustees and you (as members). See what your President is doing throughout the year. Check-in on our website news for the latest updates.


Theme 1: Engagement & communication

Essential Goal 1.1– Support the Student Council to become role models and leaders for their voters.

  • Improve the support Elected council members provide members.
  • Support student part-time officers to create communities
  • Provide better visibility for minority groups in predominantly white and female environments

Essential Goal 1.2  – Use Instagram to regularly update student members

  • Aim to break down complicated boards and give a brief explanation of the topics spoken about
  • Keep students up to date with current and upcoming events and campaigns

Theme 2: Cutting Student Costs #ChelseyCutsCosts

Essential Goal 2.1 - Campaign to reduce travel costs to and from campus for members.

  • Created a resource for cheapest vs most expensive mode of travel.

Essential Goal 2.2 - Campaign for better quality of living on campus

Desirable Goal 2.3 - Lift the veil on hidden course costs such as trips and resources.

  • Collect data on how many courses run trips/days out or require students to travel for assessment work.
  • Key courses provide a costed essential items list to each member.

Desirable Goal 2.4 - Diversify food on Campus for various dietary requirements

  • Focus on groups which need to spend more money through dietary requirements
  • Make ingredient information easily available so students know when to bring food from home/ alternative sources

Theme 3: Academic Experience

Essential Goal 3.1 - Simplify language and phrases used by the University in papers and meetings.

  • Smoother transition into academic boards
  • Introduction to policies and papers less intimidating

Essential Goal 3.2 - Enhance support received by students through going through academic appeals processes

Desirable Goal 3.3 - Raise the awareness of local volunteer opportunities via my own social media

  • Course-related experience.
  • Added value experience.

Essential Goal 3.4 - Support course reps to improve student voice

  • Hold Course rep conferences for Training, feedback & awareness
  • Incentives (better engagement)
  • Have a higher number of course rep academic transcripts approved
  • Update transcript Criteria post Covid

Essential Goal 3.5 - Ensure student voice regarding the quality and quantity of E-book provision is addressed

  • Follow through with student voice vote on ‘Student Say’
  • Cut the cost of academic texts by making them accessible for all students through the library search tool.
  • Focus on key/essential books and journals which are presented to students on reading lists

Theme 4: Inclusivity (Academic/Learning Environment)

Essential Goal 4.1 - Create a sense of belonging and strengthen communities  

Desirable Goal 4.2 - Pronouns in University emails. UCAS, Uni forms

Theme 5: BAME Student Voice

Essential Goal 5.1 - Improve BAME representation and experience on campus

  • Work alongside the University on the REC (Race Equality Charter)
  • Decolonise the curriculum (Increase the number of texts used in Lectures & reading lists by people of colour)
  • Look Into current grants available for refugees (Student Say)

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