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Vice President

Your current Vice President is Rachel Ward.

Vice Presidents lead on activities and welfare. They work with the Advice service on issues like mental health support and other wellbeing matters, ensuring that students know where they can get support and advice. They work closely with the staff team on ensuring there are a wide range of developed clubs and societies as well as events in the Union such as Freshers’ Week, Grad Ball and Clubs and Societies Awards. The VP is a member of Union Trustee Board, Student Council, and Student Executive Committee and chairs the Student Activities Committee.

In short...

The role of Vice-President is to be the lead officer to promote and protect student communities at Leeds Trinity ensuring effective welfare support is provided. Additionally, you lead on societies, sports clubs, Give it a Go, chair the Student Activities Committee and entertainment including Freshers’ Week and the Graduation Ball. You support students in fundraising and represent the Union within BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport).


Vice-President’s Duties:

- To promote and protect student communities ensuring the effective support and welfare provision for students at Leeds Trinity University.
- To promote the opportunity to create new clubs & societies to students.
- To represent the Union within BUCS.
- To sit on the Union’s Board of Trustees.
- To sit on the Student Executive Committee.
- To sit on the Union Council.
- To advance the interests of, and ensure the development of, the Union’s affiliated Clubs & Societies.
- To deputise for the President in any or all of their roles in the event that they are unavailable.
- To ensure that adequate resources and support are provided to the clubs & societies and to oversee their administration.

- To be a student representative on the Student Experience and Engagement Committee and the Leeds Trinity Sport Group.
- To ensure that the Union and the University provide a diverse range of entertainments and activities for students in order to enrich their experience at the University.
- To oversee the student-led charitable fundraising. 


As a member of the Trustee Board, you are one of up to nine trustees comprised of the two sabbatical officers, three student trustees and four external trustees who are experts in professional fields that benefit the organisation. The Trustees set the strategy, governance and finances of the organisation. All President & Vice-President candidates will be asked to sign a declaration form that confirms they are able to be a Trustee of the organisation.


Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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