Manifesto Goals 2020-21


Each year your elected Officers share their goals for the academic year with Student Council, Trustees and you (as members). See what your Vice President is doing throughout the year. Check-in on our website news for the latest updates.


Theme 1: Climate & Sustainability (Chris Combats The Climate Crisis) 

Essential Goal 1.1 - Support the Green Impact ‘Excellent’ application.

  • Desirable: Recycling for Students in Headingley
  • Desirable: Recycling on Campus

Essential Goal 1.2 - SU & LTU declare a Climate Emergency

Essential Goal 1.3 - Collaborate with People & Planet to affiliate with Electronics Watch and the SweatShop campaign.

Essential Goal 1.4 - Support the delivery of Go Green Week & Fairtrade Week with members

Essential Goal 1.5 - Engage members in World Earth Day

Essential Goal 1.6 - Create a Union Strategy on how to become Carbon Neutral.

Essential Goal 1.7 - Help LTU move up the People & Planet League Table and achieve a Third Classification.

Essential Goal 1.8 - Support and inform members on how to reduce the impact of sanitary products on the environment.

Essential Goal 1.9 - Supporting the recycling on Plastics on Campus

Essential Goal 1.10 - Reducing StUdio’s impact on the Environment

  • StUdio becomes Plastic Free
  • Recycling Bins in StUdio
  • Run Meatfree Mondays

Desirable Goal 1.11 - Reducing the impact of Laundry on the Environment

  • Laundry - 'Prefer 30' Campaign
  • SU Shop Supporting Students to wash eco-friendly.

Desirable Goal 1.12 - Campaign for the university to move away from Barclays.

Theme 2: Chris Combats Cutting The Cost (housing, laundry, travel and Food & Drink) 

Essential Goal 2.1 - Campaign for Cheaper and Better laundry facilities

Desirable Goal 2.2 - Influence Policy on Student Housing Contracts.

  • End Annual Tenancies
  • Student Rent Relief

Essential Goal 2.3 - Campaign for more affordable rental options for members on low income.

  • On campus; University to commit to one hall price.
  • Off campus; Landlord Fight. (Student Rent Relief)

Essential Goal 2.4 - Approach First Bus or Northern Rail to improve services for Student Transport.

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Service

Essential Goal 2.5 - Make food more affordable & inclusive on Campus.

  • StUdio to lead by example. 

Theme 3: Chris Combats Social Opportunities (social spaces on campus, making students friendships, Freshers week, Alumni Weekend, Clubs & Socs, Awards Evenings, Varsity, and Byelaw 3)

Essential Goal 3.1 - Develop more social spaces on campus for students

  • Outdoor Social Spaces

Essential Goal 3.2 - Running a blended Physical and Virtual Freshers Week

Essential Goal 3.3 - Work with the Activities Co-Ordinator to deliver weekly events such as: Quizzes & Karaoke etc.

Essential Goal 3.4 - Run an Alumni Weekend in collaboration with Alumni Officer and University

Essential Goal 3.5 - Support Committees with development of Clubs & Societies 

Essential Goal 3.6 - Support the delivery of an Awards Evenings for our volunteers

Essential Goal 3.7 - Support Delivery of Varsity & embed Socs into the event.

Desirable Goal 3.8 - Review and update Byelaws.

Theme 4: Chris Combats Welfare (Dual GP Reg, Housing/Campus Sober Halls, Sexual Health, Sexual Harassment Violence, and World Mental Health Day)

Essential Goal 4.1 - Make Registering with Leeds GP’s (Doctors) easier.

Desirable Goal 4.2 - Work towards a Dual Registration approach for GP’s

Essential Goal 4.3 - Get a commitment to one or more sober flats for non-drinking students who do not wish to stay in a flat with drinkers.

Essential Goal 4.4 - Increase the availability of Condoms & Sanitary Products on Campus

Essential Goal 4.5 - Increase the availability of Condoms & Sanitary Products on Campus

Essential Goal 4.6 - Run events to raise awareness of Mental Health

  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Mental Health Day

Theme 5: Chris & Chelsey Combat Inclusivity and Bigotry (Events, Sports and Socs, and Accessibility)

Essential Goal 5.1 - Run a series of campaigns to increase inclusivity and address bigotry.

Desirable Goal 5.2 - Address Accessibility issues on Campus

  • Learning Spaces
  • Car Parking Spaces

Desirable Goal 5.3 - The University to add Personal Pronouns to all signatures

Essential Goal 5.4 -Have a Female only ‘hour’ in the gym on campus

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