Emergency Information: Sexual Assault


I’m not sure if I want to report to the police at the moment

You can access the West Yorkshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). They can carry out a forensic medical examination if you wish, without involving the police, and store / preserve the forensic evidence should you wish to report to the police at a later date. They can also talk through your options with you, explain the police reporting process, assist with any immediate sexual health concerns you have and arrange long-term support for you if you want this.

You can access the SARC by contacting them directly on 01924 298 954 (Mon-Fri 9-5) / 0330 223 0099 (out of hours) and make your own way to the centre, which is based in the Dewsbury area. Alternatively you can contact Student Welfare and we can book you in & arrange transport for you to get to & from the SARC if you wish (out of office hours we are usually contactable by calling or texting 07929 926 528 but may take a few hours to respond) - again we're confidential and won't tell anyone, not even the University, without your permission.

You can help to preserve forensic evidence before attending the SARC by putting the clothes you were wearing at the time in a clean paper bag (available from Student Welfare if you need one) and if possible avoiding washing / showering or brushing your teeth.

I want to report the incident directly to the police

If the incident has happened within the last 48 hours (or if there is any immediate danger to your safety) contact the police on 999. Alternatively you can contact the police non-emergency number on 101. They will send out a police officer to come speak to you. They will then ask you to attend a specialist centre and may ask for your consent to a forensic medical examination in order to collect forensic evidence. They will also ask to interview you to get your statement of what happened. You’ll be dealt with by specially trained officers who have experience of working with people reporting a serious sexual assault.

If you’re nervous about contacting the police yourself, you are always welcome to contact Student Welfare. Our staff member can contact the police on your behalf if you ask them to, and can come with you to the police station if you wish.


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