Emergency Information: Feeling Suicidal

Some people feel suicidal for different reasons. Often thoughts of suicide can happen during low mood or anxiety. A key thing to remember is that these feelings will pass, with time, and things will get better - even if it doesn't feel like it right now.

If you're having thoughts of suicide, probably the best piece of advice we could give is to talk to someone. The following agencies are always happy to listen, won't judge or overreact, and are confidential*.

During office hours

Leeds Trinity Counselling Service
Drop-in, appointments or e-mail support (s.jack@leedstrinity.ac.uk) available.

LTSU Student Welfare Service
Drop-in, appointments, text or e-mail / online support available.

Leeds Trinity Student Health Centre
Drop-in or appointments available.

Your GP

Out of hours

116 123 (freephone from mobiles, open 24/7).

Dial House
0113 260 9328 (safe place to go when in crisis, open Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun, 6pm-1:30am).

NHS direct
111 (medical enquiry line, open 24/7).


If you (or someone you're with) has just attempted suicide, dial 999.


* Most agencies have rare exceptions to their confidentiality rule, such as if they are concerned that you are in very imminent danger of serious harm and they feel that they need to contact emergency services. It's actually quite rare that they would feel the need to breach confidentiality, but if such a situation did arise they would wherever possible discuss their concerns with you before contacting anyone. All of the above agencies will be happy to explain their confidentiality policy to you in full if you ask.

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