Hate Incidents

A Hate Incident is any incident – be it a crime or other inappropriate behaviour – that is perceived to be motivated by hatred of perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Student Welfare is a designated Hate Incident Reporting Centre. This means that you can report a hate incident to them, either anonymously for statistical purposes or formally for the police to investigate / take action on.

We can also assist with / refer you to services that can help you with dealing with the effects that the incident might have had on you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a report anonymously?

Yes.   We would encourage victims to give us their full details as this allows us to give the best service to resolve the problems, but reports can be anonymous.


Can anyone report a hate incident?

Yes.  Anyone can report a hate incident.  We encourage you to report any hate incident that you have experienced or witnessed.  We will believe you and make sure that the report goes to the appropriate agency to deal with.


The incident was only verbal abuse, should I report it?

Yes.  Reporting hate incidents can prevent more serious things from occurring.  Agencies will respond to hate incidents in a proportionate manner.  Somebody else might also be suffering and your information might give them the clue they need to identify the perpetrator. 


Where does my report go?

When you report at a Hate Incident Reporting Centre, you will have access to a multi-agency process that works to support all victims of hate incidents.  To get the best service, you can choose to send your report to West Yorkshire Police, Leeds City Council and / or Victim Support. We can also forward details to the Univeristy for appropriate internal action if you wish.


What can you do to help me?

The multi-agency approach means that the agencies will work together to take action to stop the abuse and give you support.  With your consent, the agencies can prosecute the perpetrator or take other appropriate action.  We work with you to stop the abuse and repair the harm.


What if I only want the police to know?

You can always report the incident to the police.  The police have dedicated hate crime co-ordinators who can support victims of hate crime to access support and understand the options available.  They do not wear uniforms and can meet you in a place you feel safe.   If for any reason you are not able to approach the police, then report the incident through a Hate Incident Reporting Centre.




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