House Hunting

Information for applicants

If you're starting Leeds Trinity in September and are for whatever reason looking to live off-campus rather than in the University's Halls of Residence, we'd recommend reading the information in the colour-coded sections below (in particular the green, pink, red & yellow sections) before doing anything else. This will give you a basic understanding of some of the important things to know about renting in Leeds. Then further down the page is the 'Where to start?' section, which suggest some of the best places to start your property search.

It's important to remember that, once a tenancy agreement for a private rented property has been signed it's legally binding & very difficult - if not impossible - to get out of, meaning that you'll be required to pay the rent for the duration of the tenancy regardless of what happens. Therefore we'd advise waiting until your results have come through / your place at Leeds Trinity has been confirmed before you sign for a property; otherwise you could find yourself being held liable for rent for a property that you're not living in.

Please note that while there is a large surplus of private rented student accommodation in Leeds overall, very little of this is in Horsforth. Therefore we would suggest looking a little further afield. Headingley, Meanwood (west side), Burley, Hyde Park, Kirkstall and Leeds City Centre all have a selection of properties available for students and good transport links for getting to campus. To find out more about transport links to campus, visit our Community Living Guide.



Click on & read each section below before you start house hunting - it's very important! This information is aimed at those looking for a house for their 2nd / 3rd year but most of it applies to those about to start their first year and looking for accommodation off-campus as well.

Where to start?

If you’ve read the above information / attended the advice talks and are ready to start house hunting, the best place to start is the Unipol website at Select ‘Leeds’ from the drop-down menu and hit ‘Start my search’ – from there, you will be prompted for your search criteria (size of property, location, price range, etc) and will be able to search detailed listings of hundreds of properties. We suggest just concentrating on the properties that show up in green or blue (the ones with a ‘thumbs up’ symbol in the map pin) as these are accredited under the Unipol Code.

Alternatively, to search for spare rooms in existing houses / connect with other students that are also house hunting, go to and select ‘Search for Housing’ > ‘Noticeboard’.




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