Unipol Code

What is the Unipol Code of Standards?

The Unipol Code of Standards is an accreditation scheme which reputable landlords in Leeds join – basically a set of rules that landlords / managing agents sign up to on a voluntary basis, promising to provide a level of service and accommodation quality above national standards. Unipol Code properties are required to be safer, more secure and maintained better than non-Code properties. The Unipol Code also offers you an independent complaints procedure if things go wrong – so if your landlord isn’t meeting the standards required of them, you can lodge a complains with Unipol who will attempt to resolve the issue and, if the landlord is un-cooperative, have the power to remove them from membership of the Unipol Code (meaning students are less likely to rent from them) and publicly ‘name and shame’ them through their website. This process gives students a means to hold bad landlords in Leeds to account.

For these reasons, we and the other Students’ Unions / Universities in Leeds recommend that students only rent from a Unipol Code landlord. Look out for the Unipol Code logo when house hunting (landlords should display this logo if they’re Unipol accredited):


What is a Unipol Code Supporter?

A Unipol Code Supporter is basically a company who manage properties for numerous different landlords and whose property portfolio is only partially accredited by the Unipol Code – meaning some of their properties are Unipol Code and some aren’t. Be sure to ask when house hunting if the property you’re looking at is Unipol accredited or not.

Unipol Code Supporters display a similar but slightly different version of the Unipol Code logo:


Check if your landlord is a member

You can double-check if your landlord / Managing Agent is a member (be it full member or Supporter) of the Unipol Code of standards by looking for their name on the Unipol Code membership list (click here).


Lodging a complaint under the Unipol Code

The full Unipol Code 'rule book' can be downloaded here. If your landlord has broken any of these rules then we'd normally suggest asking them to put it right (or contacting Student Welfare for advice). However if they aren't cooperative or have committed a serious breach of the Unipol Code rules then you can lodge a complaint against the landlord using the online form here. Please don't hesitate to contact Student Welfare if you'd like some help - we're happy to talk you through the complaints process and can even represent you if you wish.




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