Free Parking For Trinity Close Residents

by LEWIS BENN 10 October 2018, 12:31

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Hello All,

I recognise that this has been a popular idea over the last few years here at LTU. I am posting this on behalf of students with cars who would appreciate having free parking at Trinity Close. Currently, a majority of students with cars would rather park on the nearby lane (Westbrook Lane) as opposed to paying for parking within the close. However, Trinity Close students are not the only people using this lane for parking; students of other halls, and parents of children at the nearby Primary School also use this lane for parking. If Trinity Close students were able to park in the Trinity Close Carpark, this would free up a good number of spaces on Westbrook Lane for other car drivers to use. Currently there are 22 spaces avaliable for usage in the carpark, yet to my understanding only 1 of these spaces is used regularly. I have had a number of students claim they chose to live at Trinity Close specifically for the usage of the Carpark, yet it is not regularly used. 


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