Reading weeks are needed!

by CHLOE TEAR 26 October 2018, 12:21

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University currently operates on a 10 week term. This means that work is constant during this time. By having a reading week, even if this means we have 11 week terms, it would give students chance to have a little break.

This break would allow people to focus on mid- module assessments and a chance to go home and catch up with family. The wellbeing of students is incredibly important and it can be extremely difficult if you do not have a chance to see your family between moving to university in the September and finishing in the December.

It is important to have the time outside of lectures to focus on assignments and would give students that added time to catch up on reading and other university related tasks. Similarly, it could be a vital time to check in with your personal tutor if you did not go home during this time.

In previous years, a reading week has been included for some courses and it has been beneficial for these students, it should be brought back for all courses at Leeds Trinity.



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    AQSA ZAHID   wrote, 23-11-2018 - 18:42

    Primary Education don't have a reading week. It would be helpful if we did.

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