Find Your Course Rep

Your Course Rep will be one of your key contacts during your time at Leeds Trinity!

What is a Course Rep?

A Course Rep is a student volunteer who is elected to represent you! Every year of study of every course at the University has their own Course Rep, and they work with us here at the Students' Union, as well as the University, to help improve your academic experience.

You can speak to your Course Rep about any aspect of your academic experience, letting them know any concerns which we can address together.

Sounds great, but who's my Course Rep?

All of our Course Reps for 2017/18 who have been elected by you so far are listed below! If you don't see your course it's because you don't have a Course Rep yet. You can put yourself forward to become a Course Rep by emailing 


School of Health & Social Sciences

Accounting & Business Level 5
John Taylor

Counselling Psychology Level 5
Mariam Amir

Criminology Level 4
Shannon Higgins

Exercise, Health and Fitness Level 5
Ryan Petruzzelli

Exercise, Health and Nutrition Level 4
Robbie Granger

Forensic Psychology Level 4
Laura Edmonds

Forensic Psychology Level 5
Jenny Mitchell

Forensic Psychology Level 6
Teah Renton

Health & Wellbeing Level 7
George Bird

Primary PE & Sports Coaching Level 5
Corinne Dinning

Primary PE & Sports Coaching Level 6
Lloyd Bebbington

Primary PE & Sports Development Level 5
Rachel Brown

Psychology Level 4
Sarah Broadhurst

Psychology Level 5
Myra Ahmad

Psychology Level 6
Deanna Rose-Surtees

Psychology & Child Development Level 5
Chloe Tear

Psychology & Child Development Level 6
Aleesha Tariq

Secondary PE & Sports Coaching Level 4
Harriet Bryant

Secondary PE & Sprots Coaching Level 5
Molly Dowse

Secondary PE & Sports Coaching Level 6
Amber Murray

Secondary PE & Sports Development Level 4
Jordon Reid

Sociology Level 4
Holly Gould

Sport and Exercise Sciences Level 4
Macauley Hyde

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Nutrition) Level 4
Oliver James

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Nutrition) Level 5
Lee Newburn

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Nutrition) Level 6
Ryan Hibbert

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Strength & Conditioning) Level 5
William Patterson

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Strength & Conditioning) Level 6
Aidan Hayes-Wormall

Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition Level 6
Dale Triggs

Sports Psychology Level 4
Nathan Hamilton

Strength and Conditioning Level 4
Bradley Hulme


School of Arts & Communication

Broadcast Journalism Level 4
Noah Atkinson

Broadcast Journalism Level 5
Maisie Clancy

Broadcast Journalism Level 6
Tamara Schofield

Creative & Professional Writing Level 5
Kay Child

English Level 5
Amelia O'Dowd

English & Media Level 5
Natalya Stecko

English & Media Level 6
Rifat Hussain

English Literature Level 4
Amir Latran & Grace Georgas

Film Level 4
Tyler Kershaw

History Level 5
Bryn Pickles

History Level 6
Lydia Cosgrave

Journalism Level 5
Jamie Williams

Media Level 5
Hannah Sapphire Nagi

Media Level 6
Viktor Mitruk

Media and Marketing Level 5
Kaitlyn Dawson

Philosophy, Ethics & Religion Level 5
Connor Lyons

Philosophy, Ethics & Religion Level 6
Georgia Dimitriou & Megan Haugh

Sports Journalism Level 4
Josh Brooke

Sports Journalism Level 5
Charles Jones & Charlie Russell

Sports Journalism Level 6
Jack Simpson

TV Production Level 5
Kirsty Jeffrey

TV Production Level 6
Nighat Akhtar

Theology & Religious Studies Level 5
Joseph Nelson


Institute of Childhood & Education

Child & Family Welfare Studies Level 5
Kieta Best

Child & Family Welfare Studies Level 6
Rebecca Drew

Early Childhood Studies Level 5
Nathan Bland

Early Childhood Studies Level 6
Bianca Romani, Daniel Haupt & Charandeep Manku

Education & Religious Studies Level
Sonia Noor

Education & Religious Studies Level 5
Adam Knight

Education Studies Level 5
Chelsea Knight

Primary Ed: Early Years Level 4
Aqsa Zahid

Primary Ed: Early Years Level 6
Katie Hodgson

Primary Ed: Later Years Level 4
Jack Cooper

Primary Ed: Later Years Level 5
Lucy Johansson

Primary Ed: Later Years Level 6
James Garlick

Supporting Children & Families in Social Contexts Level 4
Hayley Johnston

Supporting Early Years Level 4
Danielle Morris

Supporting Learning & Additional Needs Level 4
Richard Simpson

Working With Children, Young People & Families Level 4
Daniel Donnell



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