Jake leads on activities and welfare. He works with the welfare service on issues like mental health support and other wellbeing matters, ensuring that students know where they can get support and advice. He ensures works closely with the staff team on ensuring there are a wide range of developed clubs and societies as well as events in the Union such as Freshers’ Week, Grad Ball and Clubs and Societies Awards. Jake is a member of Union Trustee Board, Student Council, Student Executive Committee and chairs the Student Activities Committee.


My name is Jake Bainbridge and I am a recent graduate of the Secondary PE and Sports Coaching course here at Leeds Trinity. For the past 3 years I have indulged in everything relating to student life and I have tried to fully immerse myself into every aspect of a student's experience which fortunately has set me up for my role as your LTSU VP. 


My role as your VP is to ensure that YOU (the students) have the best experience at university as possible, particularly in relation to sports teams, societies and events on and around campus. Also a major part of my role as of this year is to enable each and every student to be able to utilise the effective resources we have here within the Students' Union particularly regarding your welfare. 



What do you hope to achieve in your role?

What I hope to achieve in the role is to constantly improve on every service we offer as a Students' Union but most importantly provide students with a voice and enable them to tale control of their own university experience to maximise both engagement and enjoyment within every event or service we offer as a Students' Union.



Any top tips for LTU students?

My first tip when moving into halls is to get yourself a door stop and prop open your door - this is a way of meeting the people you are going to be living with and to also make sure you don't miss out on anything your flat mates are doing, therefore being involved from day one.


Also, taking up a hobby such as a sport or society to maximise chances of meeting people with common interests. This was essential for me in meeting most of the people I know and friends I have today. Hopefully it can be just as beneficial for you. Finally, seek support and guidance when you need it and if you are ever unsure then just ask any member of the Students' Union team about what we can help with and we will do our best to make sure you get the assistance you need. 



Anything else you'd like to say?

Most of all, my main point is to enjoy yourself as much as possible and if the Students' Union can help with that along your journey throughout university then myself and the rest of the Students' Union team would be proud of what we have achieved. 

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