The Sustainability Officer works to ensure that we as a student union are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible and to ensure that the university does the same. The Sustainability Officer is also responsible for ensuring that we and the university maintain our Green Impact Assessment award.

My name is Chelsey Grooby and I’m entering my final year of education based study here at Trinity. Originally I studied Primary Education but have recently made the decision to transfer to Education Studies in order to broaden my range of teaching. I’m the new chairwoman of the Women’s Rugby Union team, treasurer for the LGBT* Society and also your new Sustainability Officer for academic year 18/19!

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

As sustainability is one of the new roles, presented to the student panel for officers this year I hope to make the role well-known and reputable throughout my time in the position. Sustainability is often something that can be easily overlooked by students as it can seem dull but even the smallest of changes can make the largest impacts! Did you know that it was actually another university student within the UK who proposed that we ban plastic straws? Your say is as important as you want it to be and I’ll do my best to support each and every one of you this year with your ideas and ambitions.


Any top tips for LTU students?

My top tips would really just be to get as involved with as much as possible (without overloading yourself!). For me I realised that I began to enjoy uni life more once I’d branched out and joined a sports team. Through meeting my new team mates and becoming involved in with student-led events I became confident enough to run in the elections and here I am! This isn’t to say that if you don’t join any clubs or societies that your time at Trinity will be any less rewarding or exciting as everyone is different and enjoys spending their spare time in a variety of ways. The number one tip I can give is that no matter how difficult things become there will always be someone at Trinity to help you along, just ask!

What would you like students to know about you?

I’ll be living on campus this year so if you have any thoughts or queries and see me around campus don’t hesitate to come and say hi! Let’s have a great year!

To contact Chelsey, email us at:

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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