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LTSU Advice has a whole range of resources to help you look after your wellbeing over the exam period. If you’d like to ask a question or speak to an advisor about a specific concern, you can email the team at


We recognise that this is going to be a really challenging period so allow yourself to feel your emotions, work at your own pace and take time out when you need it. As your Students’ Union, we’re here for you and we will continue to advocate on your behalf. In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone preparing for their exams and assignments, the best of luck! You’ve got this.


Top Tips to Ace Your Exams


Dealing with exams can totally ramp up the stress, especially in college where snagging that degree is a big deal. But hey, there are some solid moves you can pull to handle that pressure like a boss.

Dig into what stress really means and how to deal with it here. Plus, check out specific tips for acing your exams.


Keep It Real:

Straight up, exams aren’t the be-all and end-all. Life’s success isn’t just about test scores. Future employers care about your vibe, your skills that work anywhere, and how well you click with others. Your test results aren’t your whole story.

Think about how far you've come. Getting into University is a major win, and a rough exam result won’t cancel out all your past victories.

Once a test’s done, drop it. No point stressing about what’s already done and dusted. Celebrate the fact that you did it!


Get Organized:

Treat exams like a time-bound project. Got 60 days till the deadline? That’s your countdown. And yeah, there's a finish line.

Figure out which exams are when, how much they count, and what needs your focus. You can’t cover everything, so prioritize like a pro.

Break down study sessions into bitesize chunks and make a plan. Stick to it, but it’s cool if you go off track a bit. Eve if you've done a little that's still progress!


Build Good Habits:

Here's the lowdown on habits that keep you sharp and ease the stress:

Take regular breaks. Studies say our attention span taps out after 30-45 minutes. Try something like the Pomodoro method to stay fresh. And when you break, get moving or grab a snack!

Keep your energy up with good grub. Slow-release foods like sourdough, nuts, and veggies are the real MVPs. Hydrate, no lie it works wonders. LTSU are giving out free water bottles during the exam and assignment season. If you would like a free water bottle you can knock on AG-7A at any time to collect one. For those of you who scanned the code respect!

Find your groove for working and a time and place. Move your body, even if it's just a quick stroll. Exercise is like an express lane to destress. And aim for around 8 hours of shut-eye. Sleep is a game-changer.

Schedule down time. Whether it’s a bubble bath, binge-watching, or some artsy stuff, fit it into your plan.


Ditch Bad Habits:

Don’t set insane study goals; nobody can tackle 10 topics in a day! And don’t suck the fun out of life; you need a break to stay focused.

Say no to stuff that messes with your vibe, like too much caffeine or booze. They’ll drain you in the long run. Plus, they mess with your sleep, which is majorly important. Why not give decaf a try! Yes we hear you screaming but it might just make you calmer and more focused. Don't knock it before you try it! 


Get Your Squad in on It:

Don’t trip over friends bragging about how much they’re studying. Trust, quality beats quantity. Comparing yourself just adds to the stress.

Talk it out with your folks about expectations. Unrealistic pressure doesn’t help. Share what you can handle and let them know support, not stress, is key.


Feeling Anxious?

If the anxiety’s real, chat with friends, fam, tutors or lecturers. Sometimes just talking about it helps, and they might have smart ways to handle the exam stress. You can also Book a Chat with Matt, our LTSU advisor, who has plenty of tricks up his sleeves, to help you ace revision, combat exam stress and the wise one when it comes to pointing you in the right direction.

Rocking exams is all about balance, self-care, and leaning on your friends and fam when you need it. Remember, it’s a moment, and you’ve got the the back up you need, just ask!


We got you!

If you need any additional support LTSU Advice is here for you. You can Book a Chat with Matt or just knock on AG-7A and we'll be happy to help you! 

Wishing you all the best with your exams and assignments. You're going to smash it! 

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