The Trustee Board comprises of up to 8 trustees. These are made up of the elected officers, student trustees and external trustees who have an expertise in a paticular field that is beneficial to the development of the organisation.


Zoha Shah (Union President and Chair of the Trustee Board)

Hi I'm Zoha, 2019-20 Students' Union President and Chair of the trustee board. My time at Leeds Trinity University has been amazing as I made sure to be apart of everything I could. I want to help all our members reach their potential as well. Don't hesitate to pop into the Students' Union to chat to myself or our staff.

Chris Dow (Union Vice President and Trustee)

I'm Chris, 2019-20 Vice President for Leeds Trinity Students' Union. I have been studying at Leeds Trinity University for four years. I have made lots of good memories since studying here and would like to make sure other students get the same, if not better. My door is always open. If you have ideas or want some help. 

Fun fact; I like elephants.


Andy Blunt (External Trustee)


Laura Edmonds (Student Trustee)

My name is Laura Edmonds and I’m currently studying Forensic Psychology at Leeds Trinity University. For fourteen years previous, I worked as a children’s palliative care nurse and then left four years ago to become a children’s author. I have 12 books published titled ‘Building Memories’, and are very excited to say I have 136 books awaiting relaunch. My reasons for being a trustee are to make sure decisions are made ethically and with the students interests at the heart. I hope to be able to make some positive changes to make your time at Leeds Trinity the most fruitful possible. 


Jonathen Glazzard (External Trustee)

Hi I’m Jonathan Glazzard, a trustee of the LTU Student Union. I took on this role because I believe that higher education should have a positive impact on students' social, psychological and physical development in addition to facilitating their academic development. I am deeply committed to working in partnership with students and I believe that students benefit significantly from a rounded university experience. 

Fun fact: I own a Saint Bernard called Sebastian! 


Jo Johnson (External Trustee)

Jo Johnson joined us in 2018 as an External trustee. She comes from a background of working with NUS [National Union of Students]

Rhiannon Matthews (Student Trustee)

Newly appointed, Rhiannon joined us as a student trustee in 2019. 


Ammarah Pandor (Student Trustee)

Newly appointed, Ammarah joined us as a student trustee in 2019. 


Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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