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Leeds Trinity Students' Union exists to empower and support students to achieve their potential. We annually elect two full-time Sabbatical Officers (President and Vice-President) and Student Council. Your student council are here to listen, create positive change, make your voices heard and to help Leeds Trinity students get the most out of their student experience by supporting you to reach your potential.

Student Council Meetings

Student Council meets once a month, to discuss all proposed policy and anything else that falls under their remit! Non-councillors can come along and attend as non-voting members. Find all the meeting dates on our events page

The Student officers are accountable to YOU so take a look at the Student Council Minutes which detail what was discussed at every Student Council meeting. If there's a Student Council meeting coming up soon then the agenda will be uploaded below.  

07/10/21 - Agenda and Minutes

01/11/21 - Agenda and Minutes

29/11/21 - Agenda and Minutes

17/01/22 - Agenda and Minutes 

21/02/22 - Agenda (no minutes as meeting was not quorate)

21/03/22 - Agenda and Minutes 

25/04/22 - Agenda and Minutes

16/05/22 - Agenda and Minutes

Democratic Policies

Student Council set policy for the Union by approving motions that come from your ideas! All policies are lapsed after 2 years, unless Council vote to retain the policy. You can find out who is responsilbe for each policy below.

Active Policies

042 - Fairtrade (Mandated Vice President)

041 - Cut Back on Amazon (Mandated Vice President)

040 - Pronouns on the System (Mandated President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

039 - Mental Health Crisis Team on Campus (Mandated Vice President, President and Mental Health Officer)

038 - Promoting Self-Care Apps (Mandated Vice President and Mental Health Officer)

037 - Permanent Self-Defence Sessions (Mandated Vice President, Women's Officer and LGBTQ+ Officer)

036 - Trinity Pride (Mandated President, Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

035 - LTU Marketplace (Mandated Student Council)

034 - Sustainable SU Shop (Mandated Vice President and Sustainability Officer)

033 - SU to Ban Single-Use Plastic Freebies (Mandated Vice President)

032 - Bleed Green - Menstrual Cups (Mandated Vice President and Sustainability Officer)

031 - Provide Sunflower Lanyards (Mandated Vice President and Disabled Students' Officer)

030 - Captioned Videos and Podcasts (Mandated President)

029 - More Washers on Campus  (Mandated President)

028 - Menstrual Products in All Bathrooms  (Mandated Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

027 - Update Heritage Halls (Mandated President)

026 - Mental Health Signposting Coasters in StUdio (Mandated Vice President and Mental Health Officer)

025 - Staff Members to Wear Pronoun Badges (Mandated Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

024 - Gender Neutral Bathrooms (Mandated President, Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

022 - Tackling Sexual Violence (Mandated President, Vice President, and Women's Officer)

013 - Loud About Being Proud (Mandated President, Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

012 - Refreshments in the Trinity Building

011 - Vegetarian and Vegan food on Campus (Mandated President and Sustainability Officer)

010 - Reading Weeks for all Courses

009 - Student Council Faces

008 - Putting Students in Control of their Health - GP Policy (Mandated President)

004 - LGBT+ Inclusivity in Sport  (Mandated Vice President and LGBTQ+ Officer)

002 - Cut the (Placement) Costs (Mandated President and Council)

001 - Free Periods (Mandated President)

Past Student Council Minutes

Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1184182

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