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If you are looking for information on mental or sexual health advice please see our Health page. Please see our Student Housing page for more information related to student lets and other residential topics. 


During your time at University, you may become stressed about money, for many students University is the first time you have been financially responsible - feelings of anxiety and worry surrounding money are therefore completely normal.


There are many different ways to budget and below we have listed several different sources who have more information on how to budget as a student.


You must first decide for what length of time you want to budget e.g. weekly, monthly, etc (monthly is the most common as this is likely how regularly you will pay rent and other bills). The key things you need to consider when creating a budget is; your income (this is everything over the time you have chosen to budget, student loans are paid at the start of each semester so you may need to break that amount down to get a monthly/weekly amount) and your outgoings (these are all the essential things you must spend money on).


Save The Student - How to budget at university

UCAS - Student Budgeting Tips

Complete University Guide - Budgeting For University

MONZO - How to save money as a student

The Guardian - Ten of the best … ways to stretch your student budget


Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

'Leaving home for the first time and going to university or college can be a very exciting time. Meeting new people and taking on a new level of study can also be challenging and most students will have their ups and downs.' - MindWell.


These sources will provide more information, support and advice surrounding mental health:

SU Advice Health page

Leeds Trinity University Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

MindWell Wellbeing Support for Students

MindWell Why am I feeling unwell

Student Space, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Helplines, Mind


Self Care

You may want to make time for your own self-care in order to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. These resources can help you improve your wellbeing.


MindWell What can I do to feel better?

MindWell Self-help resources

Drink Driving Awareness

Driving under the influence of alcohol put yourself, passengers and those around you in danger. Be aware of the risk and make informed choices. These resources are designed to help you get the information, advice and support you need:


Party Car - THINK!


Out of hours crisis support in Leeds

Call Police on 999 for an emergency or 111 for non-urgent advice

For outside of working hours, Student Support Duty Managers are available on campus every day until 5.00am (9.00am – 5am Monday to Friday and 12.00pm – 5.00am Saturday to Sunday to respond to incidents and support students.

Samaritans of Leeds

Leeds Nightline

Get Help Now from Rethink

Duty Manager available on-campus until 05:00 every night.

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