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Campaigning Begins - 26th Feb 9am 

Voting Opens - 26th Feb 9am

Candidate Question Time - 26th Feb - 10am to 4pm 

Candidate Endorsement Form Deadline - 27th Feb 12pm (noon)

Voting Closes - 29th Feb 12pm (noon)



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Meet the Candidates



Mia Wallace - Council chair  

Abbie Blackburn - Mental Health Officer  

Maddie Goodhand - President 



Asim Mahmood for Vice President 

Gaming and E sports 

Maddie Goodhand - President 

Callum Harding – Vice President  

Caitlin Fieldhouse - Council Chair 

Jess Chang - Women's Officer 

Isaac Elwell Oakes - Mental Health Officer 

Iesha Heades - Sustainability Officer 

Leah Wilkinson - Mature and Part time 

Jenna Randall - SSE Faculty Rep 

VIrginica Ungueanu  - HWLS Faculty Rep 

Lois Koko - BCDI Faculty Rep 


Islamic Society 

Asim Mahmood for Vice President  



Callum Harding for Vice President  
Jenna Randal for SSE Faculty Rep 
Maddie Goodhand for President 


LTU Pool Society 

Maddie Goodhand - President 


Men's Football

Asim Mahmood For Vice President 


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