Jake's top tips to make the most of 2019

Friday 11-01-2019 - 12:23
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So now that you are all back in the new year and you’re feeling pretty flush with cash after you’re student loans have just dropped. Have you looked ahead and considered the amazing events we have coming up over the next few month?



First let’s start with refreshers week which launches 14th January this is a week long programme of events such as our £3 return travel to Xscape Yorkshire where you can try out some skiing or snowboarding at an extra cost. These events allow you the chance to fully immerse yourself back into you’re university experience. There are also so many opportunities to fulfil your new year’s resolution of trying something new or being more active, by joining one of our many amazing sports teams and societies which will be in the atrium all day Monday, Tuesday.



While we are on the topic of sports team and societies, we should talk about awards evening (Tickets from £30) held in March, which is our biggest and most anticipated event of the year for all of our sports and socs members so don’t forget to book early and get your ticket so you can then kick back and relax while thinking about the new suit or dress you’re going to buy for all the photos you’re going to be taking. Also remember to budget a little bit extra for Transport and additional drink money.



Now even sooner than sports and socs awards is our Varsity event against York st Johns (Bus ticket from £10) which is the first away varsity there has ever been for LTSU and all of its sporting members and their supporters. There is so much to look forward to following on from last year’s amazing varsity event, it is going to be an amazing, fun and energetic. The only differences this year is that it is an AWAY day and WE ARE GOING TO WIN.


4. KIT

The new kit window opens for Leisurewear on the 21st January for one week. It can be easy to get carried away with getting fully stashed up so be careful. Don't spend all your money on a tracksuit and hoodie and not be left with anything to attend Varsity, Awards or Graduation. 



Probably the biggest spending you will make in 2019! Signing for a new house. It can be easy to think of it as free because you are signing a piece of paper but you will be agreeing to spend in the region of £6000. Don't rush into this decision blindly. On Thursday and Friday we are hosting a Housing Fair aimed at giving you the skills, information and contacts to make this a good investment for you. 



Finally for those 3rd years out there, we have the event which you have been looking forward to since joining Leeds trinity as a fresh faced 1st year and now it is only a few months away, yes you guessed it, its GRAD BALL (Tickets from £38). A huge celebration and for many it is a last hoorah of your amazing university days and a chance to reminisce in all those wonderful memories you have made with your best friends.



Plan your purchase/s now and buy any ticket'd events whilst you have the money. You will thank yourself in the long run. 

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