Find out more about becoming a Course Rep

What is a Course Rep?

Every level of each course at the University has their own Course Rep. For all courses except Level 4 the Students’ Union holds elections around Easter before the start of the new academic year, and once elected your Course Rep has the opportunity to represent you! All of our Course Reps receive training to make sure they understand their role and the opportunities available to them, and to make sure that they feel supported by our Students’ Union.

Course Reps work with us at the Students’ Union, as well as with the University to help improve the academic student experience. They listen to the views of the students on their course, and make sure that the University knows what works well and what needs improving here at Leeds Trinity! They do this through leading campaigns and meeting with the University to make sure that the students they represent get a great experience whilst they’re at University.

What does a Course Rep actually do?

A Course Rep is a student that volunteers their time to support students on their course, shape their degree  and feed back to the Students' Union and University on what works well and what needs improving here at Leeds Trinity. 

Every level of every course at the University has their own Course Rep -  the SU holds elections for each position and once elected your course rep has the opportunity to represent you. All of our course reps receive training to make sure they understand their role and the opportunities available to them and to make sure that they feel supported by the SU.

Is it a big commitment?
NO! Lots of people worry that they're commiting to a huge endevour when they sign-up as a course rep, but in reality the majority of our course reps attend 2 or 3 meetings a year - these are Student-Staff Academic Committees which allow you to give all your feedback in a really easy way 

Sounds great! How can I get involved?

In order to become a Course Rep you'll need to nominate yourself here on our website, and choose your level and course. Students on your course can then vote for you. You'll recieive lots of support and training once elected to help you in your role. 

Got a query about wanting to become a Course Rep? No problem! You can get in touch with us in the Students' Union offices by filling in a quick form below, and then we'll email you back with the answer! Whether it's more information about the role that you want, or you're having an issue with submitting your nomination, just let us know and we'll be happy to help!

What is an Academic Group Rep?

Academic Group Reps are the lead student representatives for each of the course areas. They work closely with course reps and the Union President on matters that impact their subject area. They act as a bridge, both between course reps within the same area and between course reps and the President.

You must be in the relevant course discipline to put yourself forawrd for the role of Academic Group Representative and to vote within that election. Roles availiable are:

Institute of Childhood and Education

- Children, Young People and Families 

- Primary Education

- Secondary Education 

School of Arts and Communications 

- Journalism and Law

- English, History, Politics, Theology and Religous Studies 

- MFC (inc. Computer Science)

School of Health and Social Sciences 

- Buisness 

- Sport Health and PE

- Psychology, Criminology and Sociology 


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