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Chelsey starts Year 2

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Chelsey returns as President in 2021-22. We caught up with Chelsey this week to talk shop and see how things were going;

Q; What should students know about you?

I’ve been at Trinity since 2016, studying my undergraduate and master’s degrees, then working as SU President after being elected in 2020 & 2021. Speaking with students about how to better their experience and being able to make change is definitely my favourite part of the role. I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m looking forward to seeing more students on Campus in September.

Q: What do you do for fun?

I play Rugby Union for a local club and the Crusaders here at Trinity. I also enjoy socials and events like sport Wednesdays and karaoke has to be close to the top of the list!

Q; What gets you motivated?

My own student experiences definitely motivated me to run for President as there is always work to be done and areas to improve in. The biggest motivator for me has to be the students as they help me to set my goals for the year and transform their student experience into the best it can be. I’m also very competitive so I love a challenge!

Q; What's your favourite thing about Trinity?

My favourite thing about Trinity is the family community that we have due to the size of our student population. There was never a time pre-covid where I could walk a minute on campus without seeing somebody that I recognised and saying 'hi' or giving them a wave. I also have to give a massive shoutout to the Student Union Staff team and LTU staff who go above and beyond for all of our students.

Q; What was your highlight and low light from year one?

My highlight definitely has to be the success with the Heritage Halls campaign! The buildings are currently under renovation and I’m so excited to see the updates when they’re complete in time for our students moving in September. A difficult part of the year definitely had to be working from home, I really thrive off social interactions and conversations regarding work immediately become more lengthy with me needing to send an email rather than walking into the office next door. Despite this, the team have worked so well on communication so that we all stay in the loop and have supported me massively.

Q; What should students expect from you in year two?

More campaigns! My goals and ongoing work for the year will still be student-focused and led by student feedback. I’m also dedicating a large chunk of my time to support inclusivity and working alongside our volunteers. Last year we successfully re-launched our Course Rep role and this year we have so many more exciting opportunities lined up!

Q: Have you come across any challenges recently that you know other students are experiencing?

Tuition and rent fees have been a huge talking point this year and I’m expecting this to be a continuing theme in the coming year, I’ve also studied whilst working through Covid so I’ve had a first-hand look into the barriers that students have faced over the last 16 months. With that being said every challenge is a new opportunity for change and I’d encourage every student to get involved by using the academic voice form on the MyLTU app to keep us updated or drop us an email to see how we can help.


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