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Don't have your voice taken away on December 12th

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Here's the link to register to vote


We don't need to tell you how important this election is. We don't need to tell you how much impact students and young people had on the 2017 election. We don't to tell you what is at stake in this election.


But we will tell you that the last election in Horsforth was decided by just 331 votes...


...and we're going to outline all the information you need about how to register to vote and make sure you vote to have maximum impact.

Five things you need to know..

1. If you have two addresses - i.e. a home address and a uni address - you can register at both! and you absolutely should! You can then vote in whichever location you are in on the 12th December. You can select the option "I'm a student with a home and term time address" - and be registered at both and you don't need to tell anyone in advance which one you'll be voting at

2. You'll need your National Insurance Number  - You'll have been sent a letter with your NI when you turned 16 - you will also be able to find it on any payslip or letters about tax/benefits. If you still can't find it, call the NI helpline on 03002003500

3. Find out where your vote will have the biggest impact - If you live on campus - you're in a super-marginal, that was decided by just 331 votes in 2017! If you live in Headingly or Hyde Park - you live in a seat that switched hands at the last general election - it's likely that your vote will have a bigger impact at your uni address but it's always worth checking!

4. If this is your first time voting - there's a tonne of guides on what the process of registering is like and what the process of voting is like on election day is like -  and

5. If you're unsure whether or where you are registered to vote, you can enter the postcode you think you're registered at and contact the council directly (most councils including Leeds have a really simple online form that lets you check! 


By the way, here's the link to register to vote



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