Extenuating Circumstances

What does a successful Extenuating Circumstances application do?

An Extenuating Circumstances application allows you to apply for a variety of different options:

(a) Extend an assignment deadline by more than 5 working days (typically this works as a 'deferral' - see below form for deferral dates);
(b) Be assessed using a different assessment method;
(c) Fail mark/s to be treated as a pass, so you can progress to the next stage of study without having to re-sit;
(d) One or more marks to be discounted from your final award calculation;
(e) A further opportunity for re-assessment in one or more modules - so a 're-sit' following a 're-sit';
(f) A further first attempt - in other words a re-sit / re-sumbission but where you are allowed, unlike a normal re-sit, to score more than 40%;
(g) Reverse the 5% late submission penalty if you've handed in an assignment late;
(h) Re-start the academic year.

How do I make an Extenuating Circumstances application?

2. Complete the form and gather / attach evidence evidence to support your application (see above form for examples of supporting evidence).
3. Submit your completed form & attached evidence to Student Administration, either by e-mail to studentadmin@leedstrinity.ac.uk, in person to room AM36 (mezzanine floor main building), or by post to: Student Administration, Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HD.

Key points to remember

~ An Extenuating Circumstances application can be submitted either before or after an assessment deadline, depending what you're applying for. If for example you're applying for a deferral ('a' above) you should submit this before the assessment deadline; or if you're applying to have late submission penalties reversed ('g' above) then this would be something that you would be applying for after the deadline.
~ Extenuating Curcumstances applications are judged by a panel which meets intermittently on pre-determined dates. To get your application considered at the next panel meeting, you need to submit your application by the deadline for that meeting. See the above form for a list of panel dates / deadlines*.
~ Supporting evidence is mandatory with an Extenuating Circumstances application - if you don't provide any, your application will not be approved. See above form for a list of acceptable types evidence.
~ On the list of examples of evidence on the above form, 'Other' could include a support letter from the Counselling Service, Student Support or the Student Welfare Service; however please note that they can only do this if they have prior first-hand knowledge of your situation. They will not be able to provide a support letter if you simply access the service purely to ask for a support letter and have had no prior contact with them relating to the subject of your application. Contact ethe individual department concerned for details of their policy on support letters.

* In some cases students want to apply for a long-term extension ('a' above) but, due to the way the University has scheduled its panel meetings, the next panel doesn't meet until after the assignment deadline - in this situation, we suggest submitting your application before the deadline and then just assuming your application is approved; if you've met the criteria the panel should approve your application. In the very unlikely event that the panel rejects your application in these circumstances, Student Welfare will be happy to assist you in appealing this outcome.




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