Rights & Responsibilities

The core rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant are usually outlines in your tenancy agreement (contract). Landlords and tenants also have additional rights and responsibilities that are laid down in law, and apply regardless of whether or not they're mentioned in your contract. Below are some of the core responsibilities that landlords and tenants have.

Your landlord’s responsibilities

  • Maintain the exterior structure of the property (including drain pipes & guttering)
  • Carry out / pay for major repair work that isn’t caused by the tenant or tenant’s guest (after being informed of the disrepair)
  • Carry out repairs within a reasonable timescale
  • Ensure that your property meets the required health, safety & security standards
  • Have a gas safety inspection carried out every 12 month and provide you with a copy of the gas safety certificate (CP12)
  • Protect your deposit in a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme
  • Provide you with a written copy of the Tenancy Agreement (contract) upon request
  • Give you at least 24 hours notice if they intend to enter the property (except in emergencies)

Your responsibilities as a tenant

  • Carry out minor maintenance work (e.g. change light bulbs)
  • Keep the property in reasonably good condition
  • Adequately ventilate the property and wipe away condensation to help prevent the build-up of mould
  • Pay for any damage caused by a tenant or tenant’s guest (except for fair wear & tear)
  • Inform the landlord of any disrepair that they need to fix
  • Adequately maintain the garden (unless the contract states otherwise)

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