Stop Single-Use Plastics

#CampaignUpdate November 2020

Chris Dow (Vice President) got his motion passed by Student Council and is now pending approval from Board of Trustees. Chris has now authored a Policy which is going to the Trustees on November 28th.

#CampaignUpdate October 2020

Chris Dow (Vice President) submitted a Student Say around banning the Union from getting and giving out freebies that are Single-Use Plastics. The Student Say was passed after 28 minutes as the student body postively acted to Chris' statement and agreed on banning single use freebies. This meant Chris working with other Union staff memebers had to write a Motion and get it passed by Student Council.

#CampaignUpdate September 2020

After looking at this years Green Impact criteria for 'Excellent', Chris Dow (Vice President) and Lucy Smith (Representation and Democracy Coordinator) had actioned to start a single use plastics policy. The first step was cutting down on our single use plastics and with freshers coming up and the possibility in companies giving us hundreds of freebies which have massive environmental impacts, we looked into tackling this major issue.

Proposer: Chris Dow

Union Notes:

1. It is estimated that between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year, therefore killing or injuring marine wildlife[1]

2. The Students’ Union hand out freebies each year, particularly during Freshers’ Week, to engage with new students

3. Students feedback that free items during Freshers are not always useful or sustainable[2]

Union Believes:

1. The Students’ Union should take steps to reduce plastic waste by considering which free items are given away to students, through a formal process or reviewing and monitoring

2. A move towards more ‘ethical’ freebies is encouraged but the waste produced by these must be considered as well

3. Single-use plastic items are particularly wasteful and should be banned in line with the Students’ Union’s overall approach to limiting single-use plastic

Union Resolves:

1. To mandate the Vice President to author a ‘Freebie Policy’ which guides the Students’ Union to ban single-use plastic giveaways and freebies

2. For the Vice President to bring this policy to the Trustee Board for approval

3. For the Students’ Union to review other items that are given away as freebies and prizes

How can I get involved with this Campaign?

A: Register your interest in this Campaign HERE.

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