Domestic Abuse

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse, or Domestic Violence, happens to a lot of people, whether students or not and whether they’re aged 18 or 80.

Domestic Abuse can involve violence, threats, unwanted sex, humiliation, verbally ‘putting someone down’, stalking, controlling or jealous behaviour or other abuse between people who have a relationship with each other OR have had a relationship in the past. In some cases the perpetrator is a family member rather than a partner.

Domestic Abuse can affect people from any background, religion, ethnicity or social status. It involves physical, sexual, emotional sand / or financial abuse of another person. Often it happens gradually, starting with ‘smaller’ incidents of abuse like name-calling or making threats, and then getting worse over time.

People experiencing Domestic Abuse from a partner often stay in their situation for various reasons. Perhaps due to fear of what your abuser will do if you try to leave, or perhaps you rely on your abuser for financial support for example. You may also think that they can change or that maybe it won’t happen again.

But don’t forget that it is a crime for someone you know, be it a partner, ex-partner, close family member or anyone else, to attack or harass you, whether it’s in you own home or anywhere else. Whatever the abuser or anyone else might say, abuse like this is not your fault. Nobody has the right to treat you in this way. You may be made to feel responsible and guilty for the abuse but the person at fault is the abuser, not you.


Risk Assessment

If you’re concerned about what level of danger you may be in, you might find it helpful to visit to look at some risk factors that can indicate your level of risk.

Student Welfare is also specially trained to help with domestic abuse risk assessment.


Safety Planning

It may be a good idea to prepare a safety plan should you find yourself in serious danger, so that if / when the time comes you can leave quickly.

Most of the departments / agencies listed below can help you with safety planning. Alternatively you can find information about safety planning on the Women’s Aid website.


Finding help if you’re experiencing Domestic Abuse

You do not have to suffer alone & in silence. There is free and confidential help and support available both on and off campus; be it emotional support, practical help or help in assessing or managing your risk.

Help on campus

LTSU (Students’ Union) Student Welfare Service

In person: Term-time drop-in times are Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am – 2pm, in the LTSU Student Welfare office (Student Support corridor – near the Dining Room). Appointments can be made outside these times or during Easter / summer vacations.

By phone: Call us on 0113 283 7100 ext 352 or on 07929 926 528

By text message: Text us at 07929 926 528

By e-mail: E-mail us at

Over Facebook: Contact us on Facebook by Private Message –

Student Support Central Office

In person: Term-time drop-in times are Monday to Friday, 11am – 12pm and 2pm – 3pm, in the AG09 (near the Dining Room).

By telephone: 0113 283 7196

By e-mail:

Trinity Counselling Service

Tel: 0113 283 7192


Leeds Trinity has an excellent Counselling Service which offers counselling to all students experiencing a wide range of issues, including domestic abuse. Further details about the Counselling Service, and more information about coping after Domestic Abuse, are available on the Counselling Service’s Intranet page.

The Counselling Service is based at AG05D, in the Student Health Centre area (near the Dining Room). Details of the service’s drop-in times, as well as appointment request forms, can be found opposite AG05D in the Student Health waiting room.


Help off campus

West Yorkshire Police

Emergency number: 999

Non-emergency number: 101

Upon receiving a report, the police will investigate and you will usually be contacted by specialist officers trained in handling cases of Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Violence Services

Tel: 0113 246 0401

Leeds Domestic Violence Services is a consortium of the organisations Women’s Aid, HALT and Behind Closed Doors and Leeds Housing Concern. Between them they provide help, advice, information, legal assistance, Independent Domestic Violence Adviser services, advocacy and housing / refuge service to people in Leeds experiencing domestic abuse. Whilst most of their services are open to women, they can offer some support to male victims too.

Victim Support

Yorkshire & Humber Victim Care Unit: 0300 303 1971 (Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm & Sat 9am – 5pm).

Victim Support is an independent national charity, dedicated to providing support to female and male victims of crime. They have specially trained staff & volunteers on hand to give emotional and practical support to people who have been affected by sexual harassment and stalking at any time in their lives.

They can provide support face-to-face or, if preferred, over the phone, and give information about things like police procedures, legal proceedings and compensation. They can also provide support in Court, as well as provide some help with personal safety and home security.

Karma Nirvana

Tel: 0800 5999 247

Sometimes abuse can be honour-based / involve Forced Marriage. Karma Nirvana are specialists in providing help, advice and support to people in this situation.




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