LGBT Sexual Health

Women who have sex with women

  • Women who have sex with women are at higher-than-average risk of transmitting certain STIs.
  • Use oral dams (a thin latex sheet to use as a barrier – often available in a variety of flavours) when engaging in oral sex – this can help to protect you against infections. Oral dams are available free of charge from the LTSU Student Welfare Service.
  • Keep sex toys clean. A good way to do this is to put condoms on sex toys before use and regularly wash them (again condoms are available free & confidentially from the LTSU Student Welfare Service).
  • Wash hands before & after sex.

Click here for more information about sexual health for lesbian & bisexual women (NHS website)


Men who have sex with men

  • Use condoms and water-based lubricant for anal sex (both are available for free at the LTSU Student Welfare Service).
  • Some STIs, such as HIV, can still be transmitted through oral sex. Risk of transmitting a STI can be reduced by using a condom. Other measures include not brushing your teeth just before oral sex and avoiding oral sex if you have any cuts or ulsers in your mouth.
  • When engaging in oral-to-anal sex, use an oral dam (orals dams are available for free at the LTSU Student Welfare Service).
  • Getting vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B is a good idea. Men who have sex with men can get Hepatitis B vaccinations free of charge at the Leeds Sexual Health Clinic and at some GP surgeries.
  • PEP treatment is available for those who have been exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours. This is available from most GUM clinics and A&E departments.
  • Always use a condom / oral dam – prevention is better than the cure!


More information

More information about LGBT sexual health is available on the Yorkshire MESMAC website.




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