Lockers for students living off campus

by EMMA STEVENSON 10 October 2018, 16:46

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Would anyone else find it useful to have use of a locker at uni? I feel like I always have so much to carry with eveything I need for lectures that day plus gym stuff and lunch...

Please help me get 25 votes or more and save our aching shoulders 😁 If you could vote and share the link that would be amazing. Thank you.


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    Dawn Bird   wrote, 11-10-2018 - 19:59

    This is a great idea. I'd even be happy to pay a reasonable fee.

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    RACHEL LEMASS   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 11:33

    Same. I wouldn’t paying to rent them for the year

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    RACHEL LEMASS   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 11:37

    *wouldnt mind

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    KATALIN CZIGANY   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 15:38

    It's an amazing idea, I hope it will go through!

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    HEATHER GROGAN   wrote, 30-10-2018 - 16:49

    Fabulous idea x

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    HYAB BEREKET   wrote, 12-11-2018 - 16:39

    Is this going to happen?

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Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1151574