The Disabilities officer works to represent all students who have a physical disability here at Leeds Trinity University. They will work on a variety of projects but may also collaborate closely with the Mental Health officer on work that affects people with both visible and invisible disabilities.


Hi, my name is Chloe!


I am in my final year of studying Psychology and Child Development and this year I am your Disabilities Officer.


My experience of disability advocacy and campaigning is what initially made me want to take on this role. I have mild Cerebral Palsy which causes my movements to be wobbly, uncoordinated and unbalanced. This is because my muscles don’t work the way they should and are normally too tight. I also am registered as partially sighted meaning I have reduced peripheral vision as well as things being very out of focus.


In my spare time I love writing my blog, freelancing and working with charities like Scope, RNIB and CP Teens UK. I have a particular interest in photography which may be ironic when you’re partially sighted but I love it.


What do you hope to achieve in your role?

Within the role of Disabilities Officer I hope to use the experience I already have outside of university and bring it onto campus so it can benefit people at Leeds Trinity. I hope to change how the role is viewed. I am there to support students who have a disability and make sure their experience is as equal as possible. However, raising awareness of different disabilities will be another one of my focuses. I hope to benefit all students and try to minimise stereotypes or negative views. 


Any top tips for LTU students?

Take time out to have a break and enjoy yourself. I would definitely recommend not leaving things to the last minute and be organised when it comes to university work.


At Leeds Trinity there are a lot of things you can get involved with and I would highly recommend you do so, even if that’s just watching a film.



Anything else you'd like to add?

If you see me around university and have a question then please do not hesitate to come over and have a chat!




To contact Chloe, email us at:



Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Registered Office: Leeds Trinity Students' Union, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5HD
Registered Charity Number: 1151574