Hey there, exciting times are ahead during LTSU's Welcome Week 


It's the liveliest and most thrilling part of our year!


Alongside getting to know your department and settling in, make sure you jump into all the amazing activities we've got going on at the Students' Union.

Check out our lineup of SU-run events below, and hey, if you're curious about what our awesome clubs and societies have cooked up, you can take a peek at our full event list here.

Our entertainment schedule is a smorgasbord of options, catering to all sorts of tastes. We really recommend you dive in headfirst, try a bit of everything, and make some awesome new friends while making the most of your Welcome Week.

Got questions? No worries! We've put together answers to some super common questions about events and all things Welcome Week right here. Feel free to dive in and find the info you need.


Let the Countdown Begin



Welcome Week Events

Our programme of SU-run events can be found below, but if you’d also like to see what our clubs and societies have organised.


We will be updating this page as we announce our events lineup. So watch this space for new events.




We've partnered up with Voodoo to give you an unforgettable experience. So come along and let's dance the night away together.


Official Leeds Trinity Freshers Week wristband (Leeds Freshers Band)


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So what do I do now?

1 'Like' LTSU  on Facebook, and join our official Freshers Group (we're on Instagram and Twitter too!) 

2Enrol and Register for an IT account with the University (from early September) so we can set up your LTSU membership.
3Buy a wristband here so you don't miss out, with a great line-up of events for anyone who wants to party!

4Check out the incredible range of Sports Clubs and Societies on offer at the Students' Union.

5Get excited! You're in for the best years of your life and we can't wait to be there every step of  the way!



What is a Students' Union?

LTU is like a big family, and right at the heart of this family is the Students' Union – that's us! Our main aim? To help you make the absolute most out of your time at LTU.

We're the bustling hub where all the action happens. The home of all the Clubs and Societies, endless volunteering gigs, cool events to hang out at and meet people, awesome places to grab a bite, sip a drink, or just chill.

And hey, when you're in a jam, our Advice Service has got your back. Plus, if you're all about making positive waves at LTU, we've got the tools to make that happen too!

So yeah, we're basically here to be your LTU BFF ?


Who are the Sabbatical Officers? What do they do?

Our Students' Union is here for you and run by you! The Sabattical Officers consist of the President (Kelsey) and Vice President (Caitlin) .

You'll probably seem them pop up on our social media and around campus, they really can't wait to meet you!

They're here to represent you and lead the Students' Union to ensure that every students voice is heard and that you get the best out of your experience at LTU. 


How do I join a club or society?

You can join a club and society once you've enrolled and setup your IT account. Our Welcome Fair will give you the opportunity to meet all the clubs and societies and try some of the activities on offer too. Check out our clubs and societies here .


How do I book a ticket for an event? 

Tickets for events will go live soon so watch this space.

Also follow us on our social media channels where we will be giving updates.


Are the events expensive?

Most of our events will be free, we just want you to have fun!

If there is a cost for an event just know we've done our best to get the cheapest price for you.


Do I have to pay for my LTSU membership?

It is completely free to be a member of LTSU and you’re automatically enrolled when you start at Leeds Trinity.

But you do have to pay to join groups and attend certain events - but every penny you spend with us goes straight back into the Union!


Is LTSU part of the University?

Surprisingly No! 

LTSU is a registered charity and separate organisation from the University.

We hold the University accountable by always challenging them to continue to make the student experience at Leeds Trinity University more inclusive, better value for money, and fair for all.

Sometimes we may work closely with the University on specific initiatives, events, or activities but we remain as two separate and independent organisations.

Basically just think of us as the cool sibling that will always have your back!


Is Student Support the same thing as LTSU Advice?

We are a seperate organisation to the University and so is our Advice Service.

We reccomend you come to us especially if you need help with the academic side of things.

Another benefit of being indpendent to the University means we can fight your corner when you need support. Our friendly advisors can help you with a range of different cases.

Remember we are here to help! 


I had another question? Who can I ask?

Don't worry! We got you!

Just drop us an email on student.union@leedstrinity.ac.uk

We will do our best to answer any questions that you might have.

Remember there's no such thing as a silly question!