We want to inform you about an upcoming Student Council meeting on 20th May at 6.00 pm online via the link below.

We're counting on your presence as we dive into important discussions that impact all of us in the student body.

Here's what's on the agenda:

  1. Hear reports of recent events and initiatives spearheaded by the Students' Union Council.
  2. Receive reports from the Union's Trustee Board
  3. Discussion and debate on policy and student say submissions.
  4. Updates on recent and upcoming sustainability initiatives


Your voice is what drives the Students' Union forward. Your ideas, your energy, and your passion are what make our union strong. This meeting isn't just about discussing issues; it's about taking action and shaping the future of our university experience, together.


Got something on your mind? Don't hesitate to shoot us an email beforehand at student.union@leedstrinity.ac.uk . We're all ears!

Let's make this meeting a vibrant gathering of student voices and ideas. Your participation makes all the difference.


Join via the teams link: