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A Handy Guide to the Local Elections on Thursday 6th May

All you need to know

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What's happening? 

Local elections are taking place this Thursday 6th May - in England, registered voters will have the opportunity to vote for a councillor to represent their 'ward' (local area) on the local council. Depending on where you're registered, you might also be able to vote for the Mayor and police and crime commissioner. 

I'm registered in Leeds - who am I voting for? 

You'll be able to vote for your local councillor, and the West Yorkshire Mayor. 

Who's running? 

It depends which ward you're in - you can find out more info about all the candidates running in your area by entering your postcode here. Take some time to read what each of the candidates stand for before you make your decision.

Why should I vote? 

Local council are responsible for services that you use every day - housing, transport, social spaces, recycling, and leisure facilities to name a few. Make sure that you have your say on issues that will affect your local area.

Where do I vote? 

You can find out your polling station by entering your postcode here.

When do I vote? 

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 6th May 2021.

How are polling stations being made safe this year? 

There will be safety measures in place (like one-way systems, or restrictions on how many people can go in at once). Make sure to bring a face covering (unless you're exempt) and a pen or pencil. 

What if I have symptoms of Covid on the day? 

If you have coronavirus symptoms, do not go to the polling station. You'll be able to get an emergency proxy vote which you can apply for until 5pm on voting day - just fill out this form

Something you're not sure of? 

Get in touch with Lucy ( who'll be happy to help. 


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