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Balloon Ban

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10th September 2019

Leeds Trinity Students’ Union commits to not using helium or balloons at any Union event or activities. This is one of our Vice President’s first actions as part of Chris Combats the Climate Crisis.

A single balloon can travel up to thousands of miles and end up polluting an aquatic, marine, or terrestrial ecosystem. A bird, fish, or sea turtle could also fatally mistake the resulting balloon debris for food and/or get entangled in the long balloon ribbons or strings. In the case of a mass balloon release, common at weddings, graduations, memorials, and events, hundreds or even thousands of balloons can be released simultaneously, causing great environmental harm.

The motion does not mean that Leeds Trinity University itself will ban balloons as the ban will only mean that changes are made at the Students' Union. Nonetheless the ban will be another step forward and may influence the university to make changes too in order to make its mark in saving the planet.

Chris’ Quote:  “This may seem like a small change, but it will have a big impact to our environment and the wider community, we will look into alternative, recyclable decorations moving forward and pledge to never use helium or balloons. It is best to stop the use of balloons completely and instead use reusable and digital decorations to promote sustainability and reduce waste across our campus. It’s a great way to build ourselves a platform to continue to lobby the University against single-use plastic and raise awareness of the issue among the student body.”


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