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Coronavirus: Staying at home advice

Staying at home advice

You can help stop the spreading of the virus by staying at home, especially if you or someone you live with has the symptoms! 

In order to self-isolate the right way here is what you shouldn't do: 

  • Go to work, school or anywhere in public 
  • Use public transport
  • Invite visitors to your home 
  • Go out to buy food or medicine - order them by phone or online
  • Share a bed, if possible 
  • Share towels 

But what you can do is: 

  • Make use of your garden space if you have one 
  • Leave the house to exercise - stay at 2m distance
  • Social distancing when around others 
  • Rest 
  • Wash your hands! 
  • Keep your house and all surfaces clean 

How long do you have to stay at home?:

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you must stay at home for 7 days. You do not need to stay at home if you do not have a high temperature. 

Coughing is one of the symptoms of coronavirus which can last for several weeks after the infection has gone, so leaving the house after 7 days with a cough is okay. 

Living with someone who has the symptoms:

You should stay home for 14 days as symptoms take this long to appear. 

If you live with someone who has symptoms of coronavirus, you can get an isolation note to send to your employer as proof you need to stay off work - you do not need to get a note from a GP.

Doing cleaning and laundry:

  • You can wash and clean as normal 
  •  Laundry that has been in contact with an ill person can be washed with other people's items. Do not shake dirty laundry, as this may spread the virus in the air.

Looking after your health and well being: 

  • Stay hydrated 
  • Take paracetamol if needed
  • Keep connected with friends and family
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Excercise, if you feel well enough to do so 

Medicine and medical help: 

  • DO NOT take ibuprofen, this makes it worse
  • Do not visit your GP, any surgery or hospital 
  • Non-emergency - Use NHS 111 online service or call 111. 
  • Emergency - Call 999 and make the advisor aware it could be coronavirus 

SU advice: 

If you feel your mental health is being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, do not hesitate to get into contact with SU Advice - phone and email service only.

Book an appointment here: 


To read more about what to do when staying at home click here


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