House Hunting Top Tips


House Hunting Top Tips 


1. How well do you really know your possible housemates? Are you sure you can all live together for a year?

2. Watch out for aggressive sales pitches from landlords/letting agents – if you have any doubts, don’t sign the contract.

3. Tenancy agreements are legally biding and very difficult to get out of once signed.

4. Check how much your energy bills will be covered – are they included and is there a fair usage limit? Remember that the bills in the future are going to be BIG.

5. If you are promised things such as a new kitchen or TV, make sure they are in the tenancy contract when you sign.

6. Always visit the property before signing – check for wear and tear, damp/mould and cleanliness.

7. If you can, speak to the current tenants, they are the experts on renting the house.

8. Think about ALL your options, remember that there are lots of new purpose building student housing buildings in Leeds now. Staying on campus is also preferable for many students.

9. Landlords and letting agents are NOT your friends, they just want your business.

YOU are the customer and have the power of deciding where you choose to live.

You will be pressured into signing contracts early. Despite what people will tell you, there are a lot of student properties available and waiting will not necessarily put you at a disadvantage.


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