LTSU On Tour - Birmingham Day 2


LTSU On Tour - Birmingham Day 2


Today was not so much travelling around Birmingham, although it was the first time Caitlin and Kelsey had ever been on a tram…how fun. It was basically an overground train just through the road??.

Metro arrives at Brindleyplace - Brindleyplace, Birmingham

We firstly travelled to the NEC - it’s basically this huge building in Birmingham with a million different entrances and exits where you spend the entire time trying to find the right room! When we’d finally found where we were supposed to be, we got to learn about what the NUS are doing for sustainability??.


We got to meet Lars Bech from Neutral who taught us all about the importance of sustainable clothing. With Lars, we learnt about sustainable certificates and how most cotton is not organic and cannot be replanted – we even got our own pieces of cotton to take away with us so that we can always tell the difference… even though we have no idea where we’ll see organically grown cotton in Leeds…





We then had to sit through not one but TWO annual general meetings to learn all about what the NUS has been doing the past year and got to vote on matters that will impact all SUs across the next year. For Caitlin, it was a chance to experience what other AGMs are like as she’d only been to the LTSU AGM… I can now confidently say that all AGMs are very very similar. For the sabbs it was nice to see other SU sabbs getting involved in the AGM discussions and hearing their advice that we could take back to implement into our SU.

Finally, the Bar Supervisors favourite part of the day, the Best Bar None Awards NUS Charity Celebratory Lunch. The Best Bar None is an award that celebrates well-run bars and is a national accreditation supported by the Home Office. We were all there to find out whether The Student Bar had won an award for all of the Bar Supervisors’ hard work throughout the challenges of the 22/23 year.

Out of all the SU’s across the country that are involved in the Best Bar None, LTSU achieved the top GOLD ACCREDITATION!!!! WOOOO!!!! ???? This is a huge achievement for The LTSU Student Bar and we’re so proud of all the team for the efforts they put in across the past year to make your bar the best it can be!

The celebrations didn’t end there… we were all given a raffle ticket to win some amazing prizes including a Monster Energy fridge, Skateboards, alcohol and food hampers. All of our table’s tickets were around the 610-630 range and as the numbers kept calling… 635… 531…604…656…we began to lose faith in our abilities to win this raffle. Luckily our friends at Harper Adams SU managed to win a prize??(we honestly cannot remember which one but congrats to them)!!

To be continued...

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