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LTU Employability Fortnight

Three challenges from us

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The University Level 4 Employability Fortnight is taking place on Monday 17th to Friday 28th May 2021. During this fortnight all Level 4 students as part of a placement module.


"As a major employer of students on campus, it is only natural that we supported this event."- Simon, Interim General Manager, Leeds Trinity SU.


The two weeks of events are designed to help students prepare for placement, get it off to a flying start and help you to get the most out of it. There is a mix of interactive projects and events along with some tutorial presentations to be viewed in-between.

All events/activities/sessions will be held remotely online. LTU has tried wherever possible to deliver the sessions on days where you would usually have a timetabled session.


What is your Union doing?

Employability challenges are set by Employers relevant to members' courses. Students will have 2 days to work on the challenge and then present it back to the Employer.

We are hosting three challenges this year;

1.A sports strategy challenge that encourages students to consider what activities might look like post-COVID for Trinity members.

2. A communications challenge that challenges students to develop a plan for post-COVID marketing and communications.

3. A commercial services brief that allows students to blue-sky think about one of our not-for-profit venues (StUdio/Shop).


There are also 4 other events on level 4 timetables that require booking through the MyFuture tile.

We look forward to supporting our level 4 members with their placement preparation. 


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