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Leadership Elections - Who? What? When? Where? Why?

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Leadership Elections? Who? What? When? Where? ….Why?

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Leeds Trinity SU exists to empower and support students to achieve their potential. Did you know that our team of student leaders work all year round to make student life better at LTU? And you can become one!

What are the Leadership Elections?

Most Students’ Unions across the UK have annual elections – it’s an opportunity for the students to vote on who they want to represent them for the next academic year.

Leeds Trinity Students’ Union has 2 full-time officers – you might know them as the President and Vice President of the SU. Your President and Vice President campaign for change at the University and lead the Students’ Union (that means they have a key role in making the decisions!).

We also have 14 part-time (voluntary) officers (that’s your Student Council!). The 14 roles are: BME Officer, Council Chair, Disabilities Officer, Interfaith Officer, International Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Mature & Part-Time Officer, Mental Health Officer, Postgraduate Officer, 3 x School Reps, Sustainability Officer, and Women’s Officer! Phew!

Who can run for President and Vice President?

Any LTU student can lead for change as President or Vice President. It is a full-time job, so could be your first one after graduating! But it’s not just for final years – any student can take a year out of their studies to lead for change as President or Vice President.

Who can run for the Student Council roles?

Any LTU student who will be studying in 2021/22 can run for a Student Council role! Some roles require you to self-define as belonging to that community. For instance, only students who self-define as LGBTQ+ can run for the LGBTQ+ Officer role.

Why should I run for a leadership role?

Our full-time officers get a £17,000+ salary which is a pretty good reason, but there are so many benefits to holding a leadership role.  

Becoming an Officer (full-time or voluntary) is a great first step in your career. It’s a unique experience that you’ll leave with so many new skills including leadership, campaigning, planning, communication, and plenty more!

If you want to campaign for change at LTU, then these roles are perfect for you.

When are the Leadership Elections?

You can put yourself forward for any of these roles NOW until the 25th February (deadline is midday – don’t miss it!). After this, candidates will campaign for your vote until voting opens on the 8th March. Between the 8th and 12th of March, all LTU students will have the chance to vote for their preferred candidates. Look out for results night on the 12th March!

If you win the election for your role, you’ll start on the 1st July, ready for the 2021/22 academic year.


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